Everybody Has An Unfinished Song | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - R&B Bookmark and Share

Everybody Has An Unfinished Song

Sometimes no matter how hard you try
Frustration triggers an ocean of tears you cry
The lights in the theatre come on as the credits begin to roll
Strangers flock toward the exit after the show
Sometimes there comes a feeling you can't quite put a finger on
Everyone inside them has an unfinished song
A lost love perhaps from many years ago
That special one you lost, afraid to let your feelings show
A trip, a journey, a life long dream
Time or money, it always disappears somewhere in between
A toy that you never received
A loved one passes on after they promise they would never leave
I've learned after miles of bumpy road, that life still goes on
I know I still have an unfinished song
A mountain you must climb
It could be real or one on your mind
Before my journey comes to an end
It is good to forgive family and friends
I think most humans would love to be King or Quuen, but with our destinies still
unwritten, we are it's pawns
Life is everyone's unfinished song

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