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Bridges I have Burned

After 15 years he walks out of his dead end jobs, leaves behind 2
children and a wife
He wants to start all over, a second chance for a
better life
Going from the city to the country, what a change
Never knowing what's next, nothing in life is pre-arranged
No more Richard do this, Richard do that
No more wasted moments at the laundry mat
I left a note in our post office box
Explaining my train of thought
I said sometimes you have to go nowhere to get somewhere in life
I had to sacrafice it all, that was my condition, to make things right
I don't expect anyone to understand
I needed to a nobody for a while to become a real man
It has now been 10 long years this May
But the guilt haunts me as if it were yesterday
For mine and everyone elses sake, I need to return
I can picture the smell and smoldering of the bridges I have burned
My daughter 22, my son 24 They have put their past behind locked the
doors I will watch them and wait til the time is right
How can I expect them to forgive me after 10 years of flight
They tell me to get out, mom died of cancer 3 years ago
They tell me she was the only parent they will ever know
I have gotten what I deserve
Now the smell and smoldering have become a reality from the bridges I have burned

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