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Ridin' Low

Fancy cars, money to burn
I'm not waiting any longer, it's my turn
Live a lot, die a little
Remain neutral, stay in the middle
Don't get involved, don't be a witness
If you are asked, just say you missed it
Quietly move up to a position of power
Make yourself strong, build your tower
Keep your enemies close, your friends closer
Let someone else carry the world on their shoulders
Look where you are, all you have done
You got there by looking out for # 1
No understanding, no remourse
Just let life take its course
The minute you stop and regret
You will have laid down your hand and lost your bet
If you lie to a person, look them dead in the eyes
Have them trust you, then watch their demise
I have vacancies within my organization I need to fill
I will pay you to cheat, steal or kill
Come join me where I am
Then we can visit the Son of Sam
Keep clear of still waters, they run very deep
But you have no faith, so you will never take that leap
You are someone who is far too gone
You leave behind no legacy, when you move on
You are one of the many diseases that plague the U.S.
When you die, your position will be left to the rest
But at this moment you have the reins, keep them under control
Do what made you powerful, keep ridin' low

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