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People In Bars

One more for the good times, one for the bad
Another round for the happy, then for the sad
One more to clear my mind for that long drive home
Your nights are spent at the bar, so you are not alone
Reality hits hard when you are at home by yourself
You put your lonliness where no one can see it, it is placed on the very top shelf
If you buy them drinks, they will sit and listen
But they never will define what you are missing
When you socialize with a crowd who has had too many
Your thoughts ramble and your words are plenty
Once again you make it home quiet and afraid
Behind closed doors, you are misery's slave
The next day you are back where everyone knows your name
At one time or another, we all have done it, so bare no shame
Strange girls, a frequent one night stand
The Bluebird of happiness never seems to land
Sometimes it's better to live your life full of dreams
So some things become not as bad as they seem
Every hopeful in every bar wants their place in the sun
The bars will always be packed, some dreams may never come
I guess it's just another place that allows us to be who we are
Another group, another click, people in bars

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