America\'s War | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Life Bookmark and Share

America\'s War

They come to me as runaways from home,
I make them feel not alone,
With one needle I put their minds at ease,
If they are a female I can do what I please,
After that first high, they've gotta have more,
They come to depend on me, these are the kind of people I adore,
I've got your son stealing for me,
I've made them blind, they can't see,
I've got your daughter working the streets,
Your daughter best serves me between the sheets,
Thank you government for turning a blind eye,
For those senators, governors and congressmen who all get high,
Bill Clinton who didn't inhale,
For voters who allowed him a second term as well,
I have and never will use drugs myself,
I love my money and am concious about my health.

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