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Honest people do not happen
Dog eat dog society, a lot of cappin
A stray bullet hits a loved one
Now you want revenge, got you a gun
Bloods, Crypts whose to blame
Kill them all in her name
Whoever the target, just don't miss
Crack dealer on the corner on your list
Next door neighbor, a real close friend
Selling meth to kids, where does it end
You turn him in, nothing is done
I guess it's time once again to reach for the gun
No such thing as right is right, wrong is wrong
In a world where law no longer belongs
If the cops can't bring them down, you certainly will
You can provide a list of justified kills
Crack hoes up the street
The dirty cop that walks the beat
The dealer that works at a local club
Don't forget who killed the one you love
The perv that sells kiddie porn behind that secret wall
The customers who buy it will take a fall
The illegal Cuban making Miami his own
The squatter calling an empty house his home
You tell yourself there's gotta be an end to this list
But you are sure there are some you've missed
When all the hate and revenge are gone, what do you have
Maybe a society that's not too bad
It is not written in the constitution
Sometimes dealing with it is the only solution

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