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Five with an exiting first adventure


Finding Timmy the dog

“It will be exciting staying at Kirrin cottage this year again”, said Anne getting off the train.
“Yes it will, and jolly good that Daddy will be in his office all summer only having his breakfast lunch and dinner delivered to him as well”, explained Georgina.
George was a girl but didn’t like it so she wouldn’t answer to Georgina she had to be addressed as George or else she wouldn’t talk to you. Julian was older than George by one year and George was the same age as Dick which made Anne the youngest of them all. “I have a feeling this summer wont be the same as all the other summers” said Dick,
“Why do you say that? Asked Julian. “I don’t know it just occurred to me that it might be different than any of the others as if something strange was going to happen to all of us”, said Dick.

“Well were all going to get something if we don’t get home soon”, said George “come on there’s a shortcut through the woods.
And off they went gallivanting through the woods hoping something exiting would happen on there way but they never saw anything funny in the woods before, yes it was just all twigs and grass and trees. Some birds and a fox or two.
“George I do believe we have gotten lost, oh you and your directions Anne you can’t do anything right”, said Julian.

Julian was right Anne was holding the map upside down but when they turned it up the right way they still could not make head’s or tale’s of it. “We’ll this is just great”, said George sarcastically, “I don’t blame you Anne I’m just afraid of the fact of my mother and Father, especially my father’s faces when we show up late they would be bound to blame me.
They ran round the wood’s hoping they would find some passage that would lead them out.
“I see something”, shouted Dick, “Yes I do”. But it was not a way out instead he saw something moving round not stopping at a crack or a sound.
“Look it’s something moving through the bushes”, said George.
They went down to see what it was but when they got there, there was nothing there; the thing that they thought they saw had disappeared.
“Odd”, said Dick, “I could have sworn I saw something moving round, maybe I’m just seeing thing’s or am I?
Everyone was confused except Anne who herd something whine and went to see what it was.
“Come and look at this”, she said crouching down and looking into a hallow log and then said “It’s a great big Dog?


The four children gazed in amazement someone had left a Border collie dog out in the woods somewhere how selfish the poor thing must have been laying there for days. “How could someone do this to a dog”, said George. It could have died any minute. When the children didn’t know what to do, the children except George started to go the way home.
“What are you all doing? We can’t just leave him out here its murder”, said George as she crouched down and stroke the dog not caring if he was all mucky and wet.
“We’ll we don’t want to either George, but let’s face it, even if we do take him home Uncle Quentin and maybe even Aunt Fanny would take him to the pound or something”, said Anne.
George suddenly looked disappointed she really did want to keep the dog rather than leaving it out here, but then she still would be disappointed if all it meant was taking him to the pound. But then George suddenly had an idea. “Anne, you’re a genius I have a plan”, said George.
The three children looked doubtfully at George her plans usually involved them and a lot of the time it would mean them getting in trouble.
I don’t like the sound of this”, said Anne looking down at the Border collie with great disappointment.” We will take the dog home, just hide him so mummy and Daddy don’t find him”, suggested George.
“We can’t do that”, said Dick. “The Dog will have a bad habit of barking and beside how are we going to afford him he will cost a lot to keep you know”.
George thought for a moment Dick was right but then…………………….
“We can put him in the shed, it may not be big but it’s quite comfortable there are sheets and it is sound proof shed to and I’m pretty sure that they sell doggie biscuits down at the pet store cheap, and the rest well we’ll think of something, I know we will.

After a while the three children gave in and they didn’t want to disappoint George either let alone leaving the dog out in the woods all alone and very, very cold. “Hey George I just thought I bet that dog is that thing that had disappeared when we tried to find it, poor thing it must have been scared to death”, said Julian looking down at the dog.
When they arrived at Kirrin Cottage they slid round to the back of the garden and into the shed, while George and Anne where doing that Julian and Dick ran down to the pet store and bought some doggie biscuit and also a little squeaky toy for him so he could chew to his heart’s content. When they all met in the front garden they imagined what their Uncle would say when they showed up late for Dinner.
To their surprise Uncle Quentin was not at the table. “I remember now, Father is not to sit at the table because he gets his meals delivered to him what a big worry over nothing”, said George.
They sat down at the table but dinner had not yet been served, what luck.
“I knew you all would be late so I put the dinner on as soon as I heard you coming up the path, but what where you doing when I heard you come up the path it took you so long to get to the door why was that? Asked Aunt Fanny putting down the chicken on the table.
“Um”, said the four children but then George spoke again. “We found the shear gutters on the grass, so we put them back in the shed”.
“So that’s were they went I have been meaning to cut the grass, you lot finish your dinner and I’ll have my tea letter I’m going to go cut the grass”, said Aunt Fanny. The Four children gazed at each other in great horror if Aunt Fanny found the dog all of their work would be ruined.
“No don’t do that”, said Julian rushing to the door so Aunt Fanny could not get out.
“Why ever not? Asked Aunt Fanny.
“Because we want to do it for you”, said Julian. The others looked at each other with relief when they heard that Aunt Fanny said that would be very helpful, George was angry how she didn’t think of it first.
After tea the children had went outside to cut the grass while George ran over to the dog and gave him his dinner of doggie biscuits.
She laughed as she saw him eat.
“You are rather hungry aren’t you”, laughed George.
Somewhere else in Kirrin their was a secret laboratory hidden in the cliffs. “How are we going to make the money on this machine”, said a man in a scientist outfit. “Don’t complain, Alf”, a man called Toby, Toby was Uncle Quentin’s High School Enemy, and for they were always so competitive with each other they always thought that they were the smartest or they like to call it the most intelligent.
“I’m telling you we will never get this kind of money for this atomic blaster”, said Alf. “Oh Shut up if all your going to do is complain I might as well leave you out of this”, said Toby. He was messing about with a few buttons on his computer. “If only my good old friend professor Quentin was here maybe he could figure it out”, said Toby sarcastically.
“I hear he lives in Kirrin Cottage just right down from the cliffs”, said Alf”. Toby grinned as he heard what Alf had to say, “Excellent then tonight we make our move”, said Toby.

It was night time at Kirrin Cottage and the house was sound except the Border collie in the shed, he was barking like mad, it was amazing that know one could hear him. Just then two men in black cloths, witch looked like camouflage, crept up to the house and put a ladder against the window. “Be careful with the ladder. Do you want to wake the whole household? But he was mistaken only one person awoke to the sound of the ladder, it was George. She sat up in her bed looking very tired and then she just closed her eyes again. Outside the two men started to climb the ladder. “It’s very dark inside the room”, said the man peeping into Professor Quentin’s office. He was sitting in his chair asleep for he had just finished going over his notes and then just dosed off in his chair.
The two men crept into his office leaned over Uncle Quentin and gagged him. He awoke, “Mmmmm”, squealed Uncle Quentin as the two men hurried out of the window and down the ladder.
George had heard a crash that only she heard. She crept out of her bed trying not to wake anyone. “I wonder if there are burglars in the house”, thought George. The sound came from Uncle Quentin’s office. George pushed open the door and gazed in horror. Uncle Quentin was gone.

Four on a Trail

The next day Aunt Fanny phone called the police for George told everyone what had happened that morning.
“How did this happen? Asked Julian.
“I don’t know he was in his study and Aunt Fanny said he didn’t come to bed. So there I am sitting up in bed I go downstairs to see if everything is alright and the next thing I know he’s gone”, said George.
Aunt Fanny had tears in her eyes as she talked to the police.
“Don’t worry miss we have the best police officers in the world looking for Mr. Kirrin I’m sure we’ll find him and we will keep you updated, Goodbye Miss”, said the police officer on the other line of the telephone.
“I don’t know what I’m doing here I can’t just sit here my husband’s been Kidnapped”, said Aunt Fanny having a mad breakdown.
“We’ll find him George I’m sure we will, it’s just a matter of finding out who did it. The others went outside to find the Border collie,
He was there but didn’t want to bark because he knew if he did Aunt Fanny would hear and they did not want that.
“Wait I know we can let the dog find it, and are we going to pretend that it wasn’t a good idea”, said George. The others did not seem anything was wrong but they still did not know this sort of thing did not happen when they stayed at their cousins almost as if it was some sort of adventure.
“Go on sniff it out”, said Anne.
“Why wont he move”, said Dick.
Maybe he wont move because we haven’t gave him a name yet”, said Julian.
“That’s a good point”, said George. Looking at the dog wondering and wondering what he could call him.
“How bout Jake, Simon, Lucifer, or how about Timothy I like Timothy
It is the name of the dog in the book The Famous Five.
“We’ll lets give it a try”, said Anne.
“Go on Tim, find them find them. And Timothy was away going round front garden making sure that Aunt Fanny could not see him!!!!!!
He led them to a sewer lid that had been there for years but never took any notice of it because they thought it would give an awful bad smell if they looked underneath it.
“I wonder why he led us to the old sewer lid it’s not important unless”, George pulled the lid off and gazed with amazement.
“It’s a secret passage way”, said Dick looking down it.
“I’ll go get a few torches and a ladder from the shed”, said Julian storming into the shed and came back with four torches and one ladder.
“Sorry Tim, you have to wait back here I won’t be long just a few minutes”, said George thoughtfully.
“Uh, why don’t they want me to come, do they not like me or something”, thought Timothy as he looked into the deep dark whole as the four children carefully went down it.
It was wet preferably the water from Kirrin Island.
It was a bit smelly to because of some seaweed left by the water.
“Where to now, look there’s a secret passage way, just to think this might be the place where the kidnappers took Uncle Quentin”, said George.

In Toby and Alf’s laboratory sat Uncle Quentin sitting in a chair his hands tied and his mouth gagged with a piece of tape over his mouth.
“So professor Quentin you old High School friend I will give you a chance to cooperate or you are forced to make me do something you will regret for the rest of your life.
“Like what? Asked Uncle Quentin in a willing voice. Alf and Toby showed a picture of the country Kirrin and then suddenly a huge explosion set off and exploded the whole of Kirrin.
“You can’t do this!” shouted Uncle Quentin. He pulled at the ropes hoping some way they would break and he could stop them.
Toby took no notice and went over to what looked like a control panel, and turned the control.
“This bomb will take an hour to explode now I need you to cooperate or else your precious farm, cottage and Island will be destroyed.
The choice is yours, Professor Quentin, which will it be”, said Toby
“What do you want? Asked Uncle Quentin.
“Well actually it’s quite simple, professor Quentin, what I want is the DEED TO YOUR HOUSE!!!” said Toby. Uncle Quentin didn’t know what to say after that but didn’t have to because something was beeping round the area.
“Intruders, sir”, said Alf.
“Curses, it’s probably those kid’s, well I’m sure they’ll be surprised to see you, professor.

In the passage the four children were still looking for something until they came to four passages.
“What are we going to do now; the way could be anyone of these lanes”, said George. She glared at the four lanes in great disappointment.
“Well how bout you George take the first lane, me and Anne will take the middle lane and then if one of us make it back first they can explore the last lane.
“Why can’t Anne take the last lane, oh I see she would be to scared, well if that’s the case then the first one back can explore the last one”, said George. Everyone agreed with the plan and took off in the lanes.
In the first lane George found a hole in the wall and climbed through from there, there was a door with a letter on the front “KEEP OUT”, it said in capital letters. George was not fooled by signs like that and reluctantly she went into the room and looked around it. There were all sorts of signatures.
“This is too scary”, said George she turned to leave but then the door shut tight on her.
“Help, Help, Help”, screamed George trying to bang down the door.

In Dick’s Lane there was like a wooden panel that could open, in the
Hole there was a ladder that leads down to another sort of laboratory. There were machines that were printing out all sorts of telegrams.
“Bazaar” said Dick looking round the room with sudden amazement.
Up at the wooden floor someone had slammed the movable panel back to its place, Dick jumped in fright.
“Oh no I’m trapped”, said Dick

Anne and Julian had come to a dead end and they decided to turn back.
They saw a torch that lighted up the entire room, for a moment Anne and Julian thought it was them but then they saw a shadowed figure coming out of the darkness. “Come with me you lot”, said Alf.
The two children were not disobedient and followed Alf through a room that had George and Dick tied up, in a moment so were Julian and Anne.
“It was very clever of you to come down here, now look at you your all tied up like your pathetic Uncle Quentin.
“So My Father is here I knew it you better let him go or I’ll……..” said George but was interrupted by Toby’s voice.
“Do what you’re worthless and in a few minutes your precious Kirrin will be nothing”, explained Toby.
“What do you mean by that, blow up the Island? Asked George. Toby looked at her with a grin.
“Precisely”, said Toby in a whisper voice


Timmy to the Rescue

Timmy sat in the garden still had not been seen by Aunt Fanny,
He sat there wondering were George was, she said she would only be gone for a few minutes but Timmy was sure it had been a few hours.
He knew there was something wrong and being disobedient Timmy jumped into the whole and ran across the passage.

“He can’t possibly blow up the whole of Kirrin, can he? Asked Julian to George.
“NO! He can’t but were going to have to stop them anyhow if only Tim were here he could bite through the ropes”, said George thinking of her beloved Timothy.

Timmy was still running until he came to the four lanes that the four children had taken, but he took no notice of that he stood there glaring at a hole that he could get through.
There was a door but smartly of Timmy he did not want to attract any attention while he was in the room.
“My word look it’s Timmy, Timmy bite through these ropes, that’s a good boy”, said George. So Timmy obeyed his mistress by biting through all of those rotten ropes witch seemed to block the bloodstream in their hands.
“Oh, that’s better”, they all thought clasping their wrists with each hand.
They followed Timothy out the door, but when they did a horrible sight met their eyes. Toby and Alf had just come back from their work in the other lab of witch they found Dick.
“Right you lot, back on those seats, Alf tie the rope round them again”, said Toby. Timmy was not fooled he knew something was wrong and immediately took action.
“And take that dog away and lock it away somewhere”, said Toby.
At that moment Timmy leaped on Toby and Alf and soon they were both on the floor.
“Call that dog off, I mean it or you’ll be in even more trouble than you already are”, said Toby. The others tried escaping through the other door, but were to slow; Toby had dragged them back by there shirts.
Anne and Timmy got away but did not have long because Alf stormed after them.
Anne ran as fast as here legs would take her.
“Go on Timmy lead out of this place”, said Anne looking for a light that would perhaps be a way out of this awful prison sort of place.
Timmy did not lead her to any sort of exit, but a dead end. Anne felt worried, why did Timmy take her to a dead end?
She then noticed the top of the tunnel there was something like a trapdoor that Anne could fit in easily.
“What luck”, thought Anne. The trap door brought her to hills and she could see Kirrin Cottage and stormed after it.
At that moment Alf came through the trapdoor but when he ran down to try and catch her he fell and started to grasp his ankle.
“Oh no my ankle I think I’ve broken it”, said Alf in a shouting voice.
“We’ll don’t just stand there, help me can’t you”, asked Alf looking at Anne.
Anne was not fooled but she reluctantly went up to him to grab his hand.
“Alright”, said Anne, but when she put it out she pulled it back in again for Alf , still with a broken ankle, had reached out to grab her but Anne jumped at the last minute.
“Oh it serves you right you horrible man, I knew shouldn’t of trusted you, you can jolly well stay there until I get the police. And Anne headed towards Kirrin Cottage Timmy beside her and leaving Alf behind to yell as much as possible.

Meanwhile in the underground tunnel the rest had slipped away from Toby but had gotten lost.

“This is hopeless”, exclaimed Julian. They were all so worried they almost wish they were dead, rather than be in this rotten place.
“We’ll we can’t do much about it unless that bomb in the other room explodes and lucky for us, maybe it would just blow up the tunnel”, said Dick making it sound like a joke.
But then they all realized that there had been a bomb in the lab that they had to stop not to mention Uncle Quentin was still being held hostage.
“THE BOMB”, shouted everyone at once. They hurried down to the laboratory hoping there would be know one there, there wasn’t. The timer had 27 minutes to go until it self destructed.
“What do we press”, said George not knowing what to do about the situation. There were all sorts of buttons and leavers but where afraid to press any of them in case the bomb would go off instantly.
“I know lets go find Uncle Quentin I’m sure with his scientific skills he could find out the right mechanism”, suggested Julian, hoping that the others would agree.
“That’s brilliant, Julian, but only how do we find him he could be anywhere”, said George. Looking round to see if their would be some sort of connection to the where he might be. Julian caught something at the corner of his eye. It was a note a clue that Toby left to remind himself about something, Julian read it slowly.

Two Floors down 3rd Cave to left Trapdoor

“What could this mean”, said Dick, glaring at the note with great confusion.
“I know, it mean two floors down, take the 3rd door to the left and spot a trapdoor, Huh that will lead to Father”, said George looking more exited than ever.

George went to the door but Julian dragged her back.
“Now wait a minute silly, what if it’s a trap”, said Julian.
“I’m going for anything here, Julian, if Father is still here I’m looking for him and you can’t stop me”, said George running out of the door and heading towards the stairs. The others joined her but still had the thought of it being a trap running through their heads.
They went two floors down took the third door to the third door too the left and came to a trapdoor witch easily lifted up.
“I’m going down the stairs now, if it is as you say a trap, Julian, we’ll go down one by one”, said George.
They came two a room in witch their was a man tied up in a chair.
It was Uncle Quentin tied up and unconscious.


The End of the Adventure

They stared in horror, to see their Uncle Quentin like this was awful.
“Father, Father, Father!” shouted George.
“He awoke but only slightly but when he saw the children’s faces he was awake completely. The children removed his ropes and his gag from his face, legs, and arms.
“Thank-you so much children but where is Anne”, said Uncle Quentin.
“She got away with Timmy”, she said accidentally.
“Who is Timmy”, asked Uncle Quentin.
“A friend”, said George trying to clear things up.
“Hurry up, Father your the only one who can possibly stop the bomb.
“There’s a bomb”, exclaimed Uncle Quentin.
They stormed up to the room of witch had the bomb it said 7 minutes on the board. Uncle Quentin messed about with some controls and then suddenly the bomb stopped.
“We’ll that’s that”, said Uncle Quentin as he and the Children went out of the door.
They came to clearing of witch they could see outside, it was the same escape Anne came out of.
They saw Alf on their way out still on the grass in the same position.
“Ha, ha, ha, Alf so it looks like your little plan has failed”, said Uncle Quentin in a laughing sort of voice.
“Don’t be modest, Kirrin”, said Alf in an angrily voice. The sounds of sirens came round the corner, it was the police.
“Oh I shant be modest anytime soon, in fact here comes your ride home”, said Uncle Quentin.
Anne came out of the car Timmy and Mrs. Kirrin beside her.
The moment she saw them all she gave them a giant kiss.
“Oh I was so worried about you”, said Aunt Fanny.

“Wait”, said Dick. “Someone’s got to go in and find Toby”.
Then George had an idea.
“Timmy we’ll find him, go Tim, go”, said George. Timothy ran down the passage.

Toby was looking for them until he saw a strange sort of figure at the corner of his eye, it was Timothy.
“Come here, dog, come ere. Now your going to lead me out of here aren’t you, go”, said Toby. Timothy was followed by Toby until they came to the passage.
“Clear off dog. Now”, said Toby. And ran out the passage, but he was caught by two police officers and was taken away in the car.
“Timmy you really are the best dog in the world”, said George.
“So that’s who Timothy is”, said Uncle Quentin.
“Father I found him he was no longer closer to dying, pleas let me keep him please.
“Well I don’t see what harm it could do”, said Uncle Quentin
Shrieks of joy filled they air and Julian said


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