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Thank You

From the early patriotic seeds that were planted
To the liberties we take for granted
Our miltary is made up of the finest women and men
Around the world they are sent to defend
The same foundation of our American lives that make us stand tall
24/7 they are on the call
Their lives in danger each and every day
Spouses become mother and father when they are away
Heartache and tears they cannot avoid
When it is their time to be deployed
For every one of them we pray for a safe return
But a flagged draped coffin is much too often the news we learn
From the burning sands in the desert to the stormy unforgiving seas
You are the best our American Miltary
You give up that one precious gift for us back home to strive
Every moment, every day you lay down your lives
I thank you for all you do
Always holding high our Red, White and Blue

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