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The Agent

The phone was in John's hand shaking with mixed feelings of what was told to him from the
other end of the line and could remember clearly the conversation that took place. "Who do you
think you are? Where is he? Where is my brother James?""Your brother will not be harmed if you
do what we say. We will call you back in thirdty minutes to hear your answer.", said the voice

He kept starring at the phone in utter disbelief that someone was capable of such an act as
as this. It was just unbelievable that this could happen in such a small town, and yet the evid-
ense was laying there in ruins all around him with the smell of blood in the air.

He drops to his knees with the cordless phone in his hand and start to pound the floor as a
flood of images runs wild threw his head about what might be happaning to Jamas right now. "What
am I going to do?" he asked himself. The phone rings again and a deep male voice answers from the
end. "Hi, this is officer Lt. Robert Beck from the Vannah Police Department. Can I speak with
John Burkhaum please?""This is he.", John said as he felt his heart nearly jump into his throat.
"How did they find out so fast or maybe they are calling for a different reason. But what if they
accuse me of doing it? What would I say if they did? What am I going to do?" he thouht to himself
"Mr. Burkhaum, we have a letterdown here for you from your brother that you need to see. Can you co-
me down here and get this letter please?", the man asked. "I'll be down there in a few minutes. Thank
you, good by.", he said.

He than hung up the phone and started pacing the living room thinking about what he needs to do
about this situation, but kept thinking to himself that he was only twenty-two years old and what was he
suppost to do? John ran his hands though the hair on his head and started pacing again.

Then an idea hit him,"What if I play along with this person until I can find out what he is up too and maybe
lead me right to them?", he said to himself. The phone rings again and scared him out of the thought process
that was going though his head. He rushes to the phone and picks it up off the ground and answered,"I'm in."

To be countinued...
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