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There Were Three Little Angels

There were three little angels, count them, one, two, and three.

Three little angels, sitting around watching over me.

The youngest of the angels, youngest of the three, just sat by my side and smiled at me.

The middle angel with hair full of curl. This angel said God giveth you life, God giveth the world.

Take care of its animals, take care of the land, take care of the children, and make them safe if you can.

The oldest angel, was a ripe old age of seven, said thatís not all what God gave you, God gave you heaven.

He made it for you, he made it for me, and he made it for his children, made it for them to see.

The middle angel was holding my hand, God loves each of us, he really does understand.

God understands sometimes that we stray, our hearts can go cold, and we turn our backs and walk away.

Gods Love is undying, he sent us his only son, we called him the messiah, the chosen one.
The three little angels exclaimed itís time to go. We just wanted to tell you about Gods love, so now you know.

Pass this on to each of your friends, God love is undying, now and until the end.

By Wendy Anderson
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