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Life's Lessons

There is no such thing as a victim of society
You are like Heinz 57, a person like you comes in many varieties
You try to be smooth using today's slang
To me, you are an astronaut in space without his Tang
Sometimes people try so hard to fit in
Throw all your money in the pot and end up losing again
Why does it seem to always be the other person's fault
You never seem to comprehend the hard lessons from the streets that are taught
You hide in the corner licking your wounds
This aint no western, there is no showdown at high noon
You try to turn your life around, but once again your back is against the wall
As the dust clears, it happens again, the hero takes a fall
I don't know what to tell you, so let's end it here
The best philosiphy is preached after a few cold Bull beers

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