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All About the V Word

Roll out the barrel and we'll have a barrel of fun
I would it enjoy it more, if it were 2 barrles from a gun

Shooting a drug dealer, child stealer or a wife beater

This would bring a peak to my entertainment meter

I want to wipe the surface clean from all that is bad

The injustices of good people done wrong is what makes me mad

So I say why ask why

Let's hand them a sentence of a short piece of rope, a tall tree and let them hang high and dry

Let's put those on death row in a pool for a swim

Hook the battery cables to 10,000 volts and throw them in

Don't look at me, I'm not disturbed

I just want justice to be served

I believe in an eye for an eye

If you take a life, then you should die

A drug dealer wears a cross of gold

A bullet in the head and feed him to the gators before the body is cold

All these scumbags should be 6 feet in the dirt

It is all about the V word

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