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The Secret Part Two

The Secret

It had been a week since Misty had found out she was the key to stop a war between evil witches and good witches. Why couldn’t her mother tell her about her being ‘The Key’? She had many questions on her mind. One day she picked up the book again and read about two more girls who were keys to help her. It read: The girl with serpent mark while have the power of flexibility, invisibility, and transformation. And the girl with the dragon would have the powers of flying, control over the weather, and fire breathing.

She had been living with Avail since she found out her secret. They were in the shop. “Avail when you told me I am taking on my mother’s legacy, what did you mean by that. Was she the key?” She asked. “No but she did play a big part in the war though.” Avail informed her. “She risked everything so you wouldn’t have to fight in the war. She eventually was killed.” Misty walked over to her guardian. “Avail, can I call you Ava? Anyways so when is this big battle supposed to happen?” She asked. “When the arrival of the black moon comes.” She told her dusting off the counters.

Misty took the day off and hung out with her friends Ashlee and Abigail. They went to the mall. She wanted desperately to them her secret but she feared they would reject her. “Guy’s…never mind.” She told them. They looked away.

The fact that she a double life ate at her. She wanted to tell them, but she couldn’t. Then that’s when she saw it. The birth mark on her friends backs. “Hey you have a serpent shaped birth mark…and you have a dragon.” She gasped. “Yea why?” Abigail asked. “Well I have both of those merged into one.” She informed them. “And another thing is…well I read in this book that there are three girls with these birth marks, like ours, and they are supposed to be these warriors to stop a war that has been going on.” She informed them. “Lets go to Avail’s house I will show you something.” The two girls looked at here strangely.

They pulled up at Ava’s place. “Hello Ava. You there?” she asked. “Ava came in the living room. “Yes, what is it?” she asked. “I found ‘them’.” She told her. Ava looked surprised. “Come on girls your destiny awaits you.” She told them. They all went in Ava’s spiritual room. The girls held hands he Ava recited the spell for them to come into there powers. When she said the spells, their marks glowed and the levitated into the air. A spirit form of the serpent merged itself into Ashlee and the dragon did the same with Abigail.

After the transfusion Abigail remembered her mom saying she was very special and she would meet two other girls just like her. Ashlee recalled her mom’s stories of three great warrior witches with powers and stopping a war that has been going on for eons.

“But I thought they were just stories. I would have never thought it was real, or I was one of the girls.” Ashlee told them. “Yea and every parent tell their child that they are special. But obviously not this special.” Abby laughed. “So if you have a guardian, then why don’t we have our own guardian’s?” Ashlee asked. As soon as she said that two women floated before them, surrounded by white light. It went away as soon as they landed.

“Sorry we’re late. When we heard you guys were reunited we had to be presentable.” The first lady said. “Yea. So how’s everyone?” The other one asked. “We are fine. And your name is?” Misty asked. “Oh pardon me, my name is Melissa and that’s Mary.” Melissa introduced herself, while Mary waved.

Misty was happy that her friends knew about her. Mary, Ava, and Melissa had taken the girls to some where far where they could practice. The Black Moon had yet to come.

They were getting the hang of their powers. Ashlee thought of her powers to be a blessing. She could now go for the cheerleading squad. She’d be the best girl there.

Abigail hadn’t exactly had control over her weather powers. They were tied with her emotions. When she would get angry or sad terrible storms would come. She had control over flying and fire breathing.

Misty had great control over the elements. Ava was a great teacher. Mary and Melissa were too, but Ava was more serious.

The girls training were over for the week. Another week of training and the Black Moon was set to come.

“Hey Jake Bruno is having a party on Saturday. You guys want to come?” Misty asked. “Hell yea. I deserve a break from this training.” Ashlee told her. “I am with you on that one.” Abigail laughed.

It was Friday. “Hey let’s go to the mall. I need an outfit.” Misty suggested. “Sure.” Ashlee and Abby said in unison. They hopped in Misty’s car and drove to the mall. When they got there they notice an evil witch terrorizing children.

The girls ran over there, It was there first battle. “Okay girls lets see how well our training has done for us.” Misty said. They ran over and Abby made the first attack. She blasted her with her fire breathing attack. Then Misty came in and blew her into the wall. Ashlee transformed into an ape and beamed her through the wall. The witch flew away.

“We kicked ass back there.” Misty said. They had forgotten all about the mall and drove back to Ava’s house.

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