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The Secret

The Secret

There he was, just lying there. The blonde sixteen year-old girl ran over to him to check his pulse. Her father, Nathaniel James, was indeed dead. “Oh no, this can not be happening!” She cried. Misty James bent down by her father, telling him “Wake up…wake up…wake up.” Each time lower. She knew no matter how much she would beg and plead he wasn’t coming alive.

She called the police to notify them of what happened. “Hello,” She cried. “My father…he is…can you…” “Slow down. What happened to your father?” The person on the other side asked. “He’s…dead. Can you send someone here?” She asked. “Where are you?” they asked. Footsteps creped up on her. “Hurry, someone’s coming.” She hung up the phone and ran to a witchcraft shop across the street.

“Hello is anyone here?” She asked. A young lady, who looked about twenty, came from the back. “Yes…Oh my, what happened?” She asked in shock when she noticed her bloody hands. “My dad, he was just murdered.” She pointed at the dark ally. The lady grabbed a book and ran to the ally, Misty followed.

When they arrived to the ally, all that was there was the puddle of blood. “He’s gone.” She cried. They walked back over to the shop. “So you’re a witch?” Misty asked. “Yes, I am. And I sense that you are too.” She told her. “I am not a witch.” She told her. “Okay, but that’s what I sense it.” She walked in a room. “What are you talking about?” She asked. “Come here. Let me show you something.” Misty walked over to her.

“Hey what’s your name?” She asked. Even though a killer was on the loose she felt safe with the stranger. “My name is Avail.” She answered. Avail took Misty’s hand and held it up high and she started chanting words in a different language. Misty noticed that after the chant all the candles light up high. “You are a witch.” She exasperated. “Yes I told you I was.” She told her.

Misty James walked out of the room, then out of the shop. The whole conversation creped her out. “Where are you going?” Avail asked. “Home.” She yelled. “It\'s not safe.” She hollered.

When Misty got home she ran in her mom’s secret room. Her mom, Jesse James, had always told her to keep out of it. Misty would always try hard to break in the room, but the door was jammed. But tonight the door flew open.

“Hello, who’s there?” she asked. There was no answer. She entered the room slowly and carefully. She saw a chest. It had a bright heavenly light coming from with in. She opened it and there it was. A book similar to Avail’s. She opened the book it had read: B.O.S. “B.O.S.?” looked confused. She went on. She turned to a page with a necklace printed on it. She looked on her chest and notice it was the same on as seen in the book. She read the paragraph. “Who ever wears this necklace weld the powers of all four elements. After saying this spell the necklace’s powers will spread throw the users body making them powerful: Powers of the elements rise, come to me do not hide. Run through this necklace I place thee, Grant me the powers from my ancestry.” She read out loud.

She began to hover in a bright white light. Then it all flowed into the necklace. “What just happened?” she asked herself. “Avail was right, I am a witch.

She ran outside to her dad’s car. She drove over to Avail’s shop. “I see you have your powers.” Avail told her while Misty walked in the door. “Yea, I am sorry for acting like a bitch.” She apologized. “It’s alright. You are the key to stop a war that has been going on for eons and I am your new guardian. I have been waiting for you to come to your powers.” She informed her.

“So… do you have any powers?” Misty asked. “Yes…yes I do. My powers are flying and healing.” She answered. “This is you’re destiny. To take on your mother’s legacy. I have been sent here by the Heavens. This is my second life on Earth and yours too. We have been reincarnated for the ultimate battle against bad witches.” Avail told her. “So how do you know that I am the one to stop it?” she asked. “Well you wear the mark of the dragon and the serpent.” She told her.

“We must start your training now.” She told her. The two flew out to an open felid to practice some of her attacks.

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