Life and Death | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Hip Hop Bookmark and Share

Life and Death

You can remove the girl from the gutter
But you can't remove the gutter from the girl
She will return there when she no longer rocks my world
I make and break many dreams, maybe you will be next
Don't cross me or you will go down in flames like the rest
Last week Judy, this week Jane
Love me or hate me I really don't care or feel I need to explain
But you better fear me or you could become another statistic
I am the law out here in the streets
Cops leave me alone, I supply their doughnuts
A portion of my green helps the homeless
I returned her to the gutter on this sunny day
It will always be my way or the highway
I must have made someone really mad
Enough that I am at the morgue on a cold concrete slab
All my greenbacks somebody's got em'
I guess you could say I've hit my rock bottom

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