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Obsolete Encounter

Sender scanned the bar. It had been 6 months since his last upgrade and 5 months since he had gotten laid. Little else would have dragged him to an obsolete bar at this time warped back end of town.

Hell the latest girl is over 12 months old. Fuck Earthcorp dropping him so quickly. His skills were nearly a year out of date. And without work how was he to pay for there latest training mandate.

He looked around again the twelve month-er had just run her second spec check on him. A clear sign of interest heck she was practically flirting. Fuck lets wait and see if some newer girl drags herself this far into the city.

Hell if he didn't find a revenue soon he would end up moving to fucking Buckhead. 10 cubic foot residence with no connection. But he only had another months rent in his current crumb hole so he had to find something soon.

Why the hell did i go for the distant scanner when my CPU was so old. I was sure id have the money to upgrade the next week. But fucking Earthcorp had to go lower their specs to 9 months. This freaking econ is crazy.

What the hell another spec scan that's just getting desperate. I've seen professionals less forward. Hell who am i kidding i haven't been able to consider the professional sector since i got the new scanner module.

Hey maybe shes an unlicensed I've heard they work in this area. Might be tempting. At this point i cant sink much lower maybe the virus risk is worth it. The quarantine scan would only bring the Buckhead move forward a week. May be worth it for one last fuck.

Hold on who's this 7 months and she has the same scanner up grade. Darn she is small as well. Looks good. And she is heading my way. Yeah look at them stats girl.

Hey youngster what you doing in this obsolete shit end of town.

Well until i heard that line i was looking for a fine arsed tight bit of tech like you.

Oh common Sender I've seen you specs you know i can offer you the best time you've had in years. And between us we can probably cover a Earthcorp training upgrade. We could be OTP in a week.

Sound like a plan. Just promise me you wont use anymore lines in the next week and we have a deal.

I tell you what ill promise to do nothing but scream in your company for the next week if you promise to keep your side of the bargain "up" for the next seven days.

Now that line i can live with and my warranty ensures exactly seven days off function before a recharge. But then you knew that didn't you.
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