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On the roadside, not far from Mount Sahand that stands twelve thousand feet high in the air in north Iran, sit two strange young men by the names of Raad and Zaad under the shade of a tree chattering and laughing abnormaly loud, that foggy morning. They are teenagers in appearance, handsome in a way, strange in every other, they are brothers. That particular road is barely traveled by, and when poeple do come along this path they never return, some rumored to have found human body parts, and villigers avoid these areas as they say evil creatures live there, what they call deevs, blood thirsty creatures. The two men wear clothing like those of wool worn and made by farmers, but strangely green and covers their legs entirely, their curiously short legs. They both have long and naturally moist hair, but what truely defines them as different is their long thin jaws and goat-like beards.

From the distance thet can not be seen, the boys sence the coming of a vehicle. One of the boys grins says to the other, \"he\'s coming\" then yells, \"he\'s dead...HE\'S DEAD!!!\" rapidly as they both screem out laughing extremely loud in a sound that seems cross between sheep and monkeys yet in some distant way, was somewhat human.

The vehicle is an old ute drived by a farmer carrying wheat and some dried meat ordered by sunjee village, the closest village in that area. Farmers usually sell to towns that pick their orders and villigres have their own cattle and grow their own wheat, but when drought hits it becomes harder to grow, and with no plantation animals can not last, so the villigers call outsiders for food and supplies. This farmer lived far away from that area so he had no clue of the rumers. He\'d been driving for hours and can barely keep his eyes open, but something he saw got full his attention, a young man standing on the road in bad condition, torn clothes, he seemed to be bleeding and could barely stand, he waived his arms to the driver in desperation as thought his life depended on it. The farmer brakes ans gets off his car, \"son, whats the matter?\" asks the farmer \"my brother\" answers the boy as he pretends to catch his breath \"we had an accident...\" caughs, \"he still trapped in car\" and points to the only downhill ditch there was. The farmer rushes down without looking back, the boy walks naturally towards him as though nothing has happened. The farmer fell, when he opened his eyes he saw the young man holding a dagger to his throat \"you tricked me, may this land be my witness, and trap you for real\" as the brothers heard that they laughed at the man. Not long after a very loud screem herd by non exept the birds and the careless trees, the man was dead. They dragged the body back to the shade they rested in less than a mile ahead, as it was their favorite spot.

They drank the mans blood and feasted on all exept his guts and brains, all that was left was a puddle of blood and bone, guts and a head. One of the savages scarfed more than the other and could barely get up, \"Zaad, whats that?\" he asks his brother \"its another one, what to play?\"
Raad being filled with human flesh can barely speak so says not and falls to his dreams. Zaad seing his brother not able to lift a finger goes alone, he goes far in no time at all, he leans on his previous victim\'s car and waits for the oncoming travelar, as he has already goached a meal he means only to paly, by frightening the person.

Ahmed is the driver, a 27 year old student visiting his home village he decides to take a shortcut although he is aware of the myth of Deevs, vilinous creatures that hunt man to his death or just drive him lost and let fear end his days. But living in the city, Ahmed carries no superstition with him, just a pistol close to his heart incase villigers turn to him as mythical monsters. On that particular road he\'ll be home before noon, that is, if the deevs dont get him. Ahmed sees a farmer, to his knowledge, leening on a ute waving to him. Ahmed pulls next him
\"sir, what has happend here?\" asks the driver
\"my car is brocken down, i need to get somewhere, its not far, will you take me?\" asks Zaad
\"sure, get in brother\" says Ahmed kindly
less than a minute later the stranger gets off, with a surprise. As he exits the car Ahmed sees hooves instead of the man\'s feet. In shock Ahmed gives it all the gas and drives as fast as his car can take him. Not far away he sees another man walking on the raodside in military clothing, it was also Zaad, in a new look. Ahmed pulls next to him
\"sir, get in\" says the driver nervously
\"what is the matter, you can tell me, i only want to help\" says the stranger as they drive on
Ahmed takes another look at the man
\"i didnt know there was an army base around here, where is your location anyway?\"
\"lets just say, the location where iam from is classified, to all man\" says the fake soldier with a grin
the travelar raises one eyebrow in confusion \"must be very important i guess, anyway, not far away from here i saw something\" says ahmed as he turns to the stranger,
\" you saw what?\"
\" iam sorry, iam just scared right now, i saw a man with feet like... like...\" hesitates Ahmed,
Zaad putts an end to the travelars endless explanation, he lifts his feet up \"LIKE THESE!!!\" he says and begins to laugh as the driver in shock turns the wheel and round goes the car in the air at high speed and land twenty feet off the raod, coinsidentally close to the tree Raad is resting under, fortunately for Ahmed he was still asleep. The travelar manages to squees out of the car with Zaad this time truely trapped inside, ironic, perhaps the land did avenge the farmer. With his heart racing the terrified man runs sencelessly, after a bit of running like a crazed psycho he spots a tree, seeing no one behind him, calms dawn and heads towrds it seeing an old man in appearance laying there, what with his long brown beard and the sunlight reflecdting his moist hair white \"grandfather\" calls the travelar in good manners, Raad opens his eyes \"grandfather?\" he says to himself in wonder, Ahmed pionts to the car \"there is someone there, he is... he has..\" hesitates again, \"go away\" calls back Raad, no matter the terrified man still comes closer but stops and comes to his sences as the creature raises a foot high \"now go away\" yells again as he closes his eyes once more. Ahmed takes a closer look and sees a crushed human head with blood and bones next to the old man, that moment he remembers his weapon, the nervous man reaches for it, aims and fires at the deev, by the time the creature opens his eyes it was too late. With the first creature stuck in the car, Ahmed walks home and reaches it before sundown and told his cowardly, triumphant tale.
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