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Put Me To Sleep In siloam Springs

What a rare book on how God moves in mysterious ways. Sometimes God will reveal His word to the underdogs in unusual way's because they are babies to God's word and have ears to hear ? in contrast to so many of today's leaders that God himself could not talk to. You're going to learn about my friend Marcus who led a life with bi-polar illness, drugs, runaways, prostitution, prisons, having death contracts put on his life and so much more. He wanted so much to preach God's word but couldn't due to his bi-polar illness not allowing him to sit still and study God's word.
You'll learn how God chose to show this man things in a very different and intense way so that he could help other people in the same manner. Marcus is able to handle such an intense gift because his past has made him strong and God said He would never give us more than we could handle. You can read all about it within these pages.

My name is Paul and I am writing this book because there are so many tremendous things that have occurred in both of our lives. Marcus would never tell you since he is very humble and hurts inside after he tells his stories which can make some people jealous or mad.

This is a great book for anyone that loves to be inspired by true stories of people who have risen to the top when the odds were hardly in their favor. Maybe you would like to learn more about Bi-Polar, drug addiction, troubled teens, or runaways. I will not hold back in this book as I believe the truth is the only true way. I do not believe in glossing over issues that need attention ? especially when kids are at risk. To get the full effect I would be honored to have you come to hear me speak. I will tailor my speech to fit any audience by skipping certain topics but I will never gloss over anything. Thus, I feel that anyone would gain from reading this book or hearing me live.







A ? Foreword

Without warning, and to save his life, Hawaiian guards rushed him to a safe unit within the penitentiary. Yes, his life was spared by the transfer but our God was actually moving him through the immense prison to help a very sad man and a desperate little girl.

Before being shoved into a new tiny cement home, he said he saw a Hawaiian man briefly look at him as so many inmates do to new arrivals. They had not one clue that God was moving 'like a thief in the night' through the prayer of a little girl on the 'outside' ? his little sister.

Now it's 'lockdown'! Cold, dark, and very quiet (on the outside you would call this bed time). That night, he learned that God moves mostly at night when all is quiet and one is able to be sensitive to his spirit. Here is what happened.

He was lying on his back in a little bed just staring at nothing. He was not sleeping when God showed him the Hawaiian man standing there looking and feeling very sad. Not realizing what was actually happening the man asked the Hawaiian why he was so sad. The man said that his little sister had went away to play rough football and when she had returned home she had outgrown her bed. (This of course is all spiritual; but since we are natural carnal man we must use this meaning as a tool to help us interpret or understand spiritual things).

Still not sleeping and still unaware of what was actually happening (thief in the night) he asked the Hawaiian man what he meant and that is when God really started to move (apparently one must live the actual experience if he /she is to tell it with conviction so that it may be received by others). He began to experience in spirit what the little girl lived ten years ago and what had made her brother so very sad.

To a child, adults seem to be pretty big and towering! Even more so if you're a small little girl trapped inside a big parked car franticly racing from door to door locking them just in time to keep a mean old man away from hurting her innocent and clean body. Well, it used to be clean but it wasn't anymore because this is the first time she was scared enough to stand up for herself. Also, from this day forward her mind would never be the same -- nor would many.

He's locked inside his prison cell by guards to keep him inside; he's also locked in a car to keep someone from hurting him again.

Please mommy, please mommy, please listen to me! I'm telling you the truth! Please believe me! (It was raining so very hard on her and she had no place to go). Suddenly a man appeared and threw her clothes to the wet ground before he sped away leaving this little beaten and raped girl with nobody to help her or what's worse -- to believe her!

How terrorizing for this little girl and what an experience the man had to actually live so that he could tell the story with an intense conviction so that the lives of the involved parties could be changed whether for love or justice. If only you could have heard this emotional and powerfully moving story you would never question it. You may even wish to know more about the little girl and if she is OK? What about the man that briefly led her life? I can't promise you that I will tell you more about them in this book (maybe it would be more moving and effective if you were to hear me speak live) but I can assure you that there is a short true story within this book about a little girl named 'Promise' that saved my life and brought me to Siloam Springs so that I may share my testimonies with you. Won't you allow me to share our story with you?

Please pray before reading as it will make a difference in what you experience and feel.

Thank you,

Mr. Paul Roppolo

[email protected]

B ?Table of Contents

Chapter 1 THEY KNEW ??????????.. 5

Chapter 2 WE WEREN'T ALONE ??????. . 7

Chapter 3 TRAINING DAYS ????????. 13

Chapter 4 WARNING SHOTS ???????.. 15

Chapter 5 SILOAM SPRINGS ???????.. 17

UPDATE ! ???????????.. 18

DEDICATION ?????????.. 19

C ? Biography

Mr. Roppolo is a survivor. He brings a message of hope to parents who are concerned about the behavior and safety of their children. He grew up on the streets of Hollywood, California earning his education through the real world. Handicapped with a bipolar disorder himself, he had to overcome the temptations of the street ? drugs, crime, gangs, prostitution, and runaways. As a survivor, he now works as a motivational speaker helping parents realize that tough love and discipline are required to guide their children to a better world. Mr. Roppolo testifies to being a survivor in a world of dead ends. In his experiences, hope and finally trust in himself, allowed him to climb through the pits of humanity. His mission is to help parents see the path they must set for their children. He tours and speaks with parents in order that we can help the kids ? one child at a time. ( Programs are available for kids as well. )

His formal training was at the City College in San Francisco where he studied criminology in the early 80's. However, his strongest experience is the actual hands-on involvement in the real world and working as an undercover agent in connection with the law enforcement agencies involved. Here he has first hand experiences in areas covering everything from A to Z including drug use, runaway teens, and prostitution to name a few. Mr. Roppolo has been an outspoken critic which has led to his appearances and/or consultation to such press documentaries as: ABC, FOX, COURT T.V, L.A. WEEKLY AND COPS. His education and training within the 'speakers' world is quite extensive as well.

Although articulate and at times provocative, his mission is simply to deliver a message of hope and guidance to parents for an improved direction in life one child at a time. Specific references are not included as undercover work with the authorities is confidential; however, if you require such contact, perhaps it can be arranged. The story here is to find out how to help the kids -- one child at a time -- Mr. Roppolo's main goal. Perhaps you can help too.

Contact Paul Roppolo for information at 888-320-2476 or [email protected]

Mr. Paul Roppolo

Chapter 1

They Knew!

Notice that I have already made reference to children several times. They are people that really do not know very much about the word of God so, they have ears that can hear in contrast to being shut like so many that are set in their ways. Perhaps this is why God shows children and non-Christians things that we find hard to believe. Well, I want to tell you a little bit about my friend Marcus and what spiritual things he was going through as a child. And this is where this story all started---but in Siloam Springs is really where it is all getting under way. Could there be something special about this little town? I know so!

As a child his mother used to take him to all these special revivals where special guests would come through with the gift of healing as well as other gifts. During the services almost every time Marcus would be approached by that guest and told that he had a very powerful gift. Sometimes they would approach him and just shake their heads as if to acknowledge the gift in a very serious way. Many times they would tell him exactly what the gift was. But I'm not going to say because many people do not believe in gifts and I certainly do not wish to ruffle any feathers so I'll just tell this story and leave the discerning to you. While you're at it, ask yourself how this book ended up in your hands and if it just might be meant for you to read this book whether for yourself or someone else. Meanwhile, I'll share a little story with you about one of these traveling men that God used to amaze Marcus and I both.

Long ago, Marcus and I were out on the town having fun as usual. We had left our girlfriends at home; most of the time ladies are right when they feel something is wrong at home -we were both homeless within two weeks! After many weeks of trying to get his girlfriend back he decided to go to church and get it done that way. He asked me to go with him and being the friend that I was, I did. And boy, was I ever glad I did!

Here is what happened: There was one of those traveling preachers there that was going around praying for people and claiming that people were being healed of this and that. I really didn't give it much thought whether it was all true or not because my mind was on my friend and his broken heart. The preacher never came to Marcus but he did say there was someone in the service whom had a growth of some sort and it would be taken care of. The preacher also said God for some reason didn't allow him to know much about it. Are you ready for scene two? This is wonderful!

The next morning I talked Marcus into going to the beach with me; we were going to get him a new girlfriend because it was sure to ease the pain. I also convinced him to leave those shrunk little olive colored speedo's at home to increase his chances. So there we were stretched out on the beach when I saw this beautiful lady that I wanted to talk to so badly but couldn't because my bandage had come off in the water. Bandage? Yes bandage! You've seen them in the pool before. Many folks really have big fat warts which they're hiding because that liquid Wart-Be-Gone they bought at Wally-World never did work. Well, mine was a biggie!

I must have run two miles to the nearest store to get my patch so I could make my move. To the people of Siloam Springs, Arkansas and anyone else that will listen to me -- I couldn't remember which hand to put my band aid on because when I went to put it on my right pinky finger where it had been - it was gone! Nothing there but a scar! I still have the scar and some people say God would not have left a scar. I'm thinking I'm glad He didn't leave the wart! In the past it had been removed several times only to come back. I may have a scar but I bet you it won't come back.

Marcus' girlfriend never came back either and the beautiful lady was gone by the time I made it back. But that's OK because I now had something to talk to Marcus about. I also had something to show him. I'm also here to show any of you at anytime you wish. To think a little scar would be a daily reminder that we are not alone and what beauty lies ahead. And not only ahead but what lies inside of each and every one of us if we would just believe.

After reading this book and learning of some of the rare events that Marcus and I experienced you will probably think that we should have been dead a long time ago. But I'm here to tell you that couldn't be further from the truth because we are not dead. We are alive today to bear witness to the beauty of God through our stories. And we are here!

I feel that most of you will accept this book. Some of you may need to see the emotions in my eyes as I tell our stories live. But I'm sure that we will all agree on one thing: Remember the traveling men? They knew!

Chapter 2

We Weren't Alone!

I can't wait to tell you about some more spiritual stories (blessings ) because I really feel the spirit of God as I write them. I will go even deeper and more exciting in a second. But first, we all know there are things that we must address. Too many people gloss over things that need attention which are actually killing people (could we be more responsible, just a little ? ). Instead of giving two cents a day to Sally Struthers for God only knows what, why don't you consider what I've written below and I'll promise to get back to stories about Marcus and I along with a couple of spiritual stories that happened right here in your little town Siloam Springs .

There are 2,692,090 Arkansas residents! There are only 6,596 police officers! There are 16,600 presently in prisons! And there are 28,119 on probation! Point being -- if you don't have God in your life - GOOD LUCK!

Due to smart policing and their police dogs, Siloam does not have any big serious crimes that I know of but I am certain there are a few uncovered ones here. A certain official recently expressed to me that the police department had two police dogs that had no bullet proof vests -- how sad! He also said the department was trying to get two more dogs but they are very expensive.

When police take drugs off the streets they are actually taking predators etc. off the streets! How? Because drugs go hand in hand with every crime you can list. Drugs support all of it! If you have bought weed -- you supported 9/11.

By the time you read this I will have set up a fund for these little critters to keep them safe and to assist them in continuing the wonderful job they have been doing without much credit (contact me for more information: [email protected] ).

Remember! When these fellers use there powerful sense to remove drugs -- it also removes predators! Get the dogs and hear me speak.

Arkansas Facts:

Arkansas rates 22nd nationally concerning violent crimes.

Arkansas children are in trouble: On average, more than 28,000 phone calls are made to 'Crimes Against Children' per year (800-482-5964). There are things going on today that would make you sick Things that would be easier to pretend were never happening. I'm certain you truly don't have a clue to some of it as these MONSTERS are not always caught. I will tell you that drugs support all types of crimes and there are plenty of both in Arkansas. Meaning, there is something very effective you can do to help these little fellers in Arkansas and abroad. I will start with Siloam Springs because I am writing this book here and I have never in all my travel seen police officers that mean business about doing a fair job. I will also compliment the new Chief of Police in Fayetteville as I have never respected a chief as I do him. His personal skills are great as he is very easy to talk to.

Arkansas College folks and young suburban middle class adults are also in danger as there are other lethal types of drugs on their way here via private vehicles , couriers aboard, commercial aircraft , and by package delivery services at the same time you are reading this -and these are sure killers ! Many of these drugs are getting into our schools and I would be glad to educate you on each one of them and what you can do to prevent the death of a loved one or yourself.











A little coke / crack can't hurt can it? A sure threat to Arkansas as you can get it anywhere! It's associated with major violence and street gangs because it is so addictive-you would do anything for more! Want to know where it comes from? Doesn't really matter if you did because it will never be stopped because drugs are the largest money maker in the world. All you can do is educate yourself and your kids and live in a nice smaller town like Siloam Springs and you will be OK. Of course -- get the dogs!

Marijuana? I'm not even going to talk about ' pot ' and whether someone should be able take it for pain because their butt hurts. It is illegal and there is no such thing as a victimless crime. Get the dogs and hear me live! In 2003 Arkansas police seized 2,669 pounds of marijuana with a retail value of $3 million from a recreational vehicle traveling on Interstate 40 near Clarksville -- 464 bricks weighing 4 to 10 pounds each. Terrorism!

I saved the worst for last ? Meth (short for methamphetamine)! In May 2003 Arkansas officers busted the largest meth lab ever seized in the state. More than 500 pounds of lethal chemicals were found in a Fort Smith house. I'm certain there are labs just as big operating in Arkansas again just as sure as I'm typing this. Thousands of smaller packets will be sold to dummies. These dummies will smoke much of this in motel rooms leaving the rooms an actual 'Hazardous Waste' area where you and your kids should not be. Can we have some extra dogs please?

How many millions does it cost you each year in taxes just to clean up a place where a person cooked a little meth up for his personal use or to sell? It shocked me when I found out at the Siloam Springs Community center last month (it was meth month) only a handful of residents showed up to support it. Please don't get mad at me for telling it exactly how it is because I already told you that is how I do things. Let me make you feel better about my forwardness. Start staying in more expensive hotels / motels when you travel because druggies mostly stay in the cheaper ones. Many of them do or cook their drugs (labs) during their stay which leaves residue (chemical waste) on the ceiling, walls etc. which years later is making adults / children very sick to this day. There was a little baby at the meeting that was born an addict! My heart hurt! You may have missed her story but I may be able to get her and some of the same folks to do it again. What hotel / motel will you avoid next time you travel? Note: Incidentally, the local surrounding police departments held these life saving meetings in many towns last month .


1. Methamphetamine will remain the principal threat to Arkansas. The availability of meth produced in Mexico, California and southwestern states will increase as Mexican criminal groups expand their wholesale operations in Arkansas.

2. Crack cocaine will continue to threaten Arkansas as well as violent crimes associated with its distribution via gang members etc. Powder coke should decline as meth will increase. Note that I do have many very nice Mexican friends and the above is not meant to make the hard working Mexican folks feel bad in any way. All races do and sell drugs and I believe we are all equal

3. Marijuana will remain the most abused and available of them all in Arkansas.

4. Club drugs is on the rise as 'raves' take hold in Arkansas. Pharmacy robberies, fraud and forgery will increase as well. These drugs are sure killers and they are killing young adults and children. Get the dogs!.

5. Heroin? Relax because it is mainly in your larger cities.

Special note: So many organizations feel they know what is causing the problem and how to solve it. I can't stress to you enough that they are generally alright. But each person did not start using drugs for the same reason and are certainly not all going to stop using because of one certain program. Statistics do provide us with a pretty good idea of many things concerning this broad dilemma. So let's all keep an open mind, communicate with our children and always remember that love is the most powerful thing in the world and it may just be the plan that's missing - it certainly worked for me!

Note: I do have 5 panel drug testing kits that I would be happy to deliver to any of you on any day you wish for half the price you could get them in any store. Peer pressure is a biggie and if you choose to test your child it most often works as they are able to say 'NO! MY MOM TESTS ME '. They get to blame it on you.

The best book I have ever read on breaking addiction is Rational Recovery. There are many people in this world whom stop all vices without any type of therapy or counseling including the 12 step program. How are they able to do this? There was a study on these people and how they did it. Sometimes doing things the simple way is the answer and that are exactly what they did. Please look this book up and then you shall see that this ole boy just may be onto something. Note: I have these books for half the price as well. If you can't afford one I will give you one. But this offer only stands with the books I have left from my last order.

As I write this, I wonder if the Hawaiian girl and her family are doing OK. I think I'll inquire so to have an answer for any of you that might wish to ask me at some point. Do you think she is grown and back at home? What did the spiritual reference mean ('when she had returned home she had out grown her bed')? Remember! We are natural man and God will show us things in the natural so that we may use it as a wedge to help us understand spiritual things. I'm afraid too many of us want something to be able to touch so we take a great deal of the Bible in the natural. Thus, we never realize the true meaning of the scripture. Maybe if we would have those ears I wrote about earlier -- we would know a little something about the girl out growing her bed. Well, I'm going to put in a call to Hawaii and I'll be right back. One hour later and no answer yet. So how about another exciting story about Marcus? OK! Right after this imperative section on ' mental health'. Is it a deal?

Mental Illness in Arkansas

Mental disorders are associated with 90% of all suicide cases. Suicide attempts are up to 20 times more than completed studies. There is a suicide every 40 seconds nationally. How many are babysitters? How many babysitters are bi-polar here in Arkansas? I know of one that lives in a town close by! Are your kids staying there? It doesn't matter anyway because she is in perfect mental health due to a great local treatment center. Bi-polar folks etc. can be tremendous fibbers thus leaving you and your loved ones in danger's way if not detected and medicated. I was able to spot this lady because I am bi-polar (medicated!) and it is said that it takes 'a thief to catch a thief '.

If you were to bring an addiction speaker to your town, which one would you choose:

An educated speaker whom is plenty aware of clinical text concerning the subject with a pretty big name as a speaker while he / she tours doing what they do best ? speak, or

A person as myself that has some college education along with 'Public Speaking' education. Someone who has lived and breathed every inch of all the listed dirt for so long that there is no turning back. It's my life! It's all I know! Someone who has a passionate dream to 'speak' in contrast to a 9-5 job. Someone that truly loves to help people because he never wants them to suffer has he did.

If I were you, I would pick (b) because I would bring (a) with me. That means I 'm big on having all types of clinical folks (doctors etc.) with me as guests because this whole dilemma is much bigger than we are and we need all the help we can get

Marcus and I did not die!

I meant it when I said you are lucky to have great police departments around here because I once knew a very bad chief in Los Angeles (or was it New York?) that almost took Marcus and me right out of this book. Here is what happened.

Marcus and I must have been doing 120 miles per hour on the freeway when we were pulled over by the police. I had no driver's license and he was going to tow the car so we pleaded with the officer to let us go and in return we would give him information on a big drug dealer. He finally agreed and told us to be at a certain location at a certain time to give him such information. We were so happy we beat him there by one hour.

Right on time, here he comes. But he was not alone! He brought some real nice fellers with him (It was their Chief and Captain). The officer said he wanted us to inform them about the drug dealers. We did. We also told them where and what time they could catch them later with a car full of drugs (not to mention other operations the man was running). The police told us to be there to point him out. We were there to point many things out - more than they expected! That next day we were followed everywhere by police! I was getting scared because of what my inner voice was saying to me. Something was certainly not right and they were getting closer and closer as night fell. As I write this my heart is actually pounding because I know what actually happened and it's like I'm about to re-live it all over again.

Because it was dark I could not see the chopper above but it had some sort of x-ray or something that was putting heavy shadows inside the car. It hit so hard that I pulled over, slid down in the seat and we covered our faces so we couldn't see the gun barrels and each other be killed. We were now figuring out that we had just messed with the police fund. ( I don't believe that all the officers knew about the inside crime ring because it was formed via higher powers within the department.) We listened to them for 15 minutes laughing about how we couldn't drive and so on. They were getting ready to kill us and put us on the news as more crazy people that tried to kill them. I'm sure they even had throw away guns with them. Sounds like it came right out of a movie, huh? Where do you think movie makers get ideas from? I heard this couple walking by and realized we would be murdered as soon as they were gone. So, with my face still covered I yelled "I HAVE NO GUN! I'M UNARMED! THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US! MY NAME IS PAUL ROPPOLO !" Next I said while still covered "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO! I HAVE LEFT PROOF WITH A DOCTOR FRIEND OF MINE IN CASE ANYTHING HAPPENS TO ME." (I didn't leave any proof with anyone but was smart enough to say all this because I had pieced together what must be going on -- I've been to the movies before. And it is always about the money). It had been real quiet for 15 minutes now and Marcus was in shock due to the trauma and heat (the windows were up!). It was time to take a peek!

All is clear! And Marcus is OK due to the fresh air now coming through my open door. We would not take the car because there could actually be a bomb set under it due to the fact we had stumbled onto a major pipeline of $$$ flow. Having actually escaped several death contracts on my life in the past, my experience is actually saving our lives in this incident. This is what I mean when I stress to you I have made the mistakes for you and your kids and there is no need for you to make them---just come to learn from mine! Because of all the greed in this world, I knew they would be coming to kill us from a different direction and possibly a different form. But coming for sure!

In big cities there are 'speed freaks' (druggies) that ride bicycles around selling drugs and doing the dirty work for the police. So here we were far from downtown when they came flying around the corner on their bikes. They should not be out this far and we certainly didn't put in an order at this exact time in our life. There were our killers! There's the form! After this next stunt I pull please tell me if it was luck or experience. I have a pretty well known name in the modeling industry and I knew if we could make it to these people's porch before being shot down I could scream my name with hopes they would recognize me and open the door to help us. It was 5 a.m. now.



Through the door someone said they knew who I was but couldn't open the door for their own safety. Meanwhile the killers swarm! The residents said that they had called the police for help and I was relieved to know the killers had heard all of this and were leaving. I was also happy to know help was on the way. But I was thinking like most people would and not wanting to see what is really going on. So the police arrived and as I looked down from the porch at all of them they said in a most calm way, "CAN WE HELP YOU?" Their eyes said something else! It was so weird because our eyes had been covered in the car and they knew we had never seen what they looked like. Maybe that is what saved our lives? Want to know how we got off the porch and out of this? Please go to the next paragraph.

I want you to stop and remember one of the hardest times in your life that you to this day are not really sure how you got out of it. Have you got it? Well , this story was just one of many that Marcus and I escaped also. The answer is, sand! Sand? Yes, sand! There was only one set of prints left behind as we reached safety. We weren't alone!

The above story or testimony may be too much for most of you as it is way out of the norm. Maybe you would open your minds if you knew that many of Arkansas runaways (children) ran to Hollywood, California never to be seen again. The ones on the milk cartons? Try Hollywood! Try this: #1. The story above happened to me at a very young age and I am from Sallisaw , Oklahoma. # 2. A friend of mine (Robert Douglas) and I decided to leave school and go to good ole Hollyweird (that is what it is called ). I never knew what happened but he was sent back in a box to his family. I sure do miss my little friend . #3. The number one magazine in Hollywood is the 'LA WEEKLY'. There was a story done on a young boy who controlled the streets. The title was 'TEEN TRAFFIC '. Look it up. My picture is on the cover as it was me. I'm expressing these things to you because it's proof that I know what I'm talking about. If I'm able to tell my stories in Arkansas as I do in other states, the last thing little folks are going to want to do is leave home. Now if they try to hang around past 18 I'm not responsible for their grocery bills. I am concentrating on Arkansas exclusively because I feel I can make a difference here for reasons of my own. There is no reason why we must lose another child from Arkansas to anything in this book if they are warned properly as I am prepared to do. But I must be accepted and given a chance by you the parent first. How about it? (Again all seminars are tailored to meet each group's needs.)

Chapter 3

Training Days !

Years ago in San Francisco Marcus and I were planning to force his girlfriend to come home. (At this time I now realize how devastating domestic violence can be.) The night before the crime at about 3 am Marcus came flying through the house waking everyone shouting, 'THERE IS A GOD! THERE IS A GOD! '. So he began to tell us all what he saw.

He said he was lying there worrying about what we were going to do the following morning. 'As a thief in the night' he found himself in a vision following this little and very old man around this huge complex in a very fast motion. The little man was teaching him how to do things! When Marcus realized he was having a vision he asked the man who he was. Suddenly, a most powerful spirit of only love came from the little man which gave Marcus a huge physical jolt, one he said he will never forget. He said he would only be lucky to ever feel that again. He and I would tell you it was much better than any drug we had ever done but I have never even mentioned if we have done them or not. Could there be a story here?

After the jolt the little man said he was going to teach him how to cook and then showed him two palm trees. The vision was over and Marcus spent the next two years thinking he was going to be a chef. How silly and boring to take things in such natural ways when the spirit feels so much better. I don't remember much about this but because of the palm trees I think he was planning on being a fancy chef on a tropical island or something.

Legal trouble never surfaced for the crime but two years later, in Hawaii, he ended up in trouble for domestic violence with the same lady and was sentenced to some pretty big prison time. (During his sentence, I ended up in there as well for my own stupidity.) Are you starting to see how this all works? It is as simple as the ABC's. Let me break it down for you.

#1. We never get by with one thing! Not one! (There ended up being a price to pay for the domestic violence that never surfaced in court).

#2. The palm trees clearly meant somewhere tropical (Hawaiian penitentiary).

#3. God's time is not the same as our time. Be prepared to wait. And learn while you wait (It took two years for the vision to come true. )

#4. A person will hear Gods word mostly if they are quiet and sensitive to the spirit - mostly at night . (Most of the visions in this book occurred at night).

#5. Marcus did not know a thing about God which actually gave him the ears I have been writing about -- he was able to hear what God was saying. If you have no ears, you couldn't even hear God. Example: If someone did not believe in spiritual gifts such as having visions - good luck in receiving one.

Just as the vision of the little girl having gone to play rough football (crisis) and returning when she out grew her bed (adult) , there is a spiritual meaning to the above. But first imagine this: Marcus was even offered a job as a chef by a priest because the priest knew God's hand was upon Marcus and he wanted to be part of it all so he tried to do God's work in contrast to letting it come to him. I'm certainly guilty of this as well. And take a look at what Marcus did.

Marcus can't even cook toast so it is beyond me why he ever took this vision in the natural and thought he was going to be some big fancy chef. And just between you and me, he even tried to help God along and applied at Mickey Dee's. They never did call that boy. I was afraid to ask him where he thought the big complex job was. There was never a question of who the little old man was and all the love that filled Marcus.

I never questioned Marcus about his vision because I knew that God had a strong plan for us both and it was just getting under way. And as sure as it did, it seems that it's going to do it again. But don't let me jump ahead. Let me get back to the vision and it's meaning for a second.

Marcus was the most hated man in prison and I came in as #2 because he was my friend. These were our Training Days because the prison was complex and the visions were being poured out night after, most rapidly-just as his vision of the little old man. Marcus did not handle his gift too well as the complete prison thought he was the F.B.I.

God simply showed him many things about people and Marcus had no problem walking up to people after a nap and saying things like, your little sister really was raped you know. Now you understand why he was rushed to safety at the beginning of this book.

This went on for years. But he finally learned a little patience and this is what happened. God showed him a very powerful disaster along with criminal activity that was going on within the prison administration. He kept his alligator shut for about a month until he heard of this special church service in the prison chapel that would be filmed. Ah, the perfect chance!

The cameras were rolling ? ' Such and such natural disaster is getting ready to happen because I have been in it. I know you think I have really lost it now, but when it hits very shortly you will then know what I'm going to tell you next is true'. He then went on to tell the administration via the film that he was aware of what crookedness was going on and it would all stop very shortly.

Three weeks later the disaster hit and shortly after that the prison warden was dead. Next, the chapel was raided by police and the tape was never to be seen again. Marcus and I were in the hole for only God could remember how long or what the charges were they put on us. There we were just looking at each other with my eyes saying 'what did you have to go and do that for '. Some thought he was the police. Some thought he was evil. Everyone knew he was my friend.

There are tons of different types of churches in Siloam Springs and I will assure you that we are not all 100% correct. But every church in Siloam Springs that I know of has lots of love. Love is the most powerful thing in the world and it is the one thing that you all agree on. And for that one reason alone you may hear that there is this city feller out there that can't make up his mind what he is and that he is a church hopper. But the truth is he just can't get enough love and he sure gets lots by church hoping in Siloam Springs. Won't you welcome me if I happen to visit your church one day? Won't you ask me more about our training days?

Note: My prison sentence lasted for 5 years. I have enough testimonies to straighten out the young and give tune up's to the old, but are certain to bless you all. This is not your everyday story of triumph as God was all over this one!



Meeting the people of this beautiful little town called Siloam Springs gives me something to look forward to each day. Church hopping gives me something to look forward to each Sunday. But before I was able to enjoy these things, there were some tragic things I had to endure and survive first. These things would turn a stubborn boy into a man. But only if he was to accept the fact that he must accept Christ and step up to the plate--AND SWALLOW! Swallow everything his inner voice had always told him was a must to be a man and reap the rewards of happiness in life. Here is how it all unfolded.

Being released from prison was such a dream come true! It kept me walking the straight and narrow for about 6 months. Yes, I returned to the days you read about in We Weren't Alone. And yes, even after all the revelations I witnessed in prison. Why? Other than the devil working against me I suppose all the revelations were just too much for me to handle and I retreated to a more familiar ground. Did Marcus return with me? Did he go on to preach? The question should be was he ever released from prison? Is he close by? I am most certain you will all be very surprised to learn what actually did happen to him whether you learn it in these pages, the next book, or from him personally.

I was back in California and California was back in me. I had to back up to catch up but I learned very fast how to stack paper ($$$) again. But that only lasted for a short while as a monkey can't sell bananas. Now the cat is out of the bag! We have done drugs all our lives and the drugs have done us. But they were killing me in a much faster way. I was now on bi-polar medication and the two are fatal if mixed. My doctor told me that if I stopped now I might live---might! He said it was going to take me at least one year of proper rest and nutrition to gain my strength back. I was born in Oklahoma so decided to come back here to live or die.

B ut before I left I ended up going for another round which lasted five years longer than what I was given. This is when God started firing 'warning shots' from all directions. And he used people from all walks of life from killers to preachers to try to wake me up. He had a plan for me and my time was running out. My choices were killing me! Perhaps you will come to hear me speak about the warning shots God fired at me. I've saved the best stories for my seminars because that is where they have the most impact. The last one he fired was one of them there 'tommy hawks' cause I'm sure enough back home now -- come hear me.
Almost 2 years ago I arranged for a little home deep in the country in Lake Eufaula to come to be isolated and rest. I bought a little doggy named Promise to take with me. I chose a female because I have always wanted to have a little girl but never have been so lucky. I named her Promise because I promised to always love her and never let drugs take her from me. I love her more than anything or anyone in this entire world. She taught me responsibility in so many ways. I have to watch how I correct her so I don't make her afraid of me. I have to sit with her when she eats or she will think I'm going to sneak out. I have to always have a nice toy for her so she will have attention. My tone must always be gentle so she will know I love her. And I better not stay out past 10 because she will leave me a surprise on my pillow. I love you Promise. This little dog has taught me the power of love and I'm here to tell you today love is the only reason I'm here today (mercy). Our God showed me love through this little doggy. And that love was strong enough to break a tough life career criminal. It brought me to my knees people. Just the thought of knowing she would be taken from me if I was ever to go to prison again is far more than I'm willing to entertain. If you ever see me in town you will clearly see there are no drugs in my game any more. Promise escorted me to the barn every day to ensure my exercise was in effect.

Promise and I loved the country! I gained my weight back and she got her hair back because her nerves were better. Really! But for a special reason that you all are soon to see - Promise and I moved here to Siloam Springs. We figure we are on the right track with God's plan because there has been no --'warning shots'.

Note: There is certainly something to be said for the unconditional love that dogs have for us all. It has been proven that they make children in hospitals smile and lend a hand in treatment. There are many cases where the elderly have given up the will to live until a dog came to visit with love. There are service dogs of many types that have saved lives and given there own. I bet you would be surprised at just how much the two police dogs in Siloam Springs have done for your children and yourself. I promise that I don't mean to preach but doggone can't we get those fellers a safety vest? Next time you are driving by the police department just stop in and give a couple bucks to the 'Promise Fund '.


Siloam Springs

My arrival to this town did not start off well as I learned of a terrible story that troubled me for quite some time.

There was a big rain / ice storm that came through Siloam several months ago and it had scared this little dog so bad she jumped out the house window and tried to cross Hwy. 412 where she was hit by a truck (the little dog was just trying to make it back to her master's house as she was just being dog sat that day). The dog was not dead but in intense pain and suffering. The little doggie was thrown into the cold wet pound to continue her pain and suffering as she died. I had learned of this and went to the pound to rescue the little dog. I brought the little dog home with me and held her in front of the fireplace. Those two hours were the worst of my entire life -- Promise died later that night. I love you so much Promise.

That night I was going to kill myself. So I prayed harder than I ever had. I had to know if I would ever see her again. I would do anything! I figured Marcus was shown things so it was possible for me too. Here is what happened:

I'm lying in my bed wide awake when I saw these men trying to aggressively stab me with these big knives. These men were very mean and had a certain anger about them as they continued to chase me.

As I was running I saw this man doing dishes in front of his kitchen window in his house. I yelled for help! It was my Grandpa! (I thought he had passed away?). He saw me and was turning to come outside when I saw a spirit come from him and told me in a very assuring way that I would be fine if I would just follow him.

It was too much for me to accept that I had actually been shown something like Marcus had been shown. I probably would have passed it off as a dream or something if God hadn't had other plans. This is exactly what happened:

The next evening as I arrived home, for no reason, three men stopped their automobile in front of my house and two of them tried to stab me with huge knives. I honestly did not know these men but I had seen them before -- they were from my vision! Police reports were filed and I know who they were from my own investigations. I dropped all charges because I know these men have had a hard time and I don't wish any further grief for them, only the best.

Why did God allow this attack to actually happen? Because I now know it was not a silly dream or something. I now know that everything will be OK if I just follow him. I now know that I will see Promise again because that was my Grandpa. Incidentally, my Grandmother used to always make him do dishes.

I, Paul Roppolo, accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I testify that 'we weren't alone' and you can consider my seminar as a powerful part of your 'training days ' in a corrupt world. You can trust that I can fire unique and suited verbal 'warning shots' for you to learn from. God has a most powerful plan for 'Siloam Springs'. I wish someone would tell me why Siloam? Why?

Within this book I haven't told you close to half the mentally and physically draining things I have experienced. That much alone is enough to make most anyone think about suicide. But when you add a life time of intense trauma and near death experiences it makes one think seriously about suicide. A medicated bi-polar person that doesn't go through any of the above events often commits suicide because they are bi-polar. When a medicated bi-polar person endures a lifetime of near fatal intensities and painful sorrows along with a vision -- HE IS DEAD! My death was planned but the vision had an unexpected effect on me. I now know that I couldn't kill my spirit and killing myself is a no-no by God's law. In Siloam Springs do you think I had over 21 people willing to be hired to relieve my pain and -- PUT ME TO SLEEP?


Mr. Roppolo lives his passion as a renowned motivational speaker and author appearing on national television quite often to show people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatest potential. His seminars come with a powerful punch! You will leave with knowledge of useful family tools that you will not be so fast to forget due to the hunger in his eyes as he educates and strengthens you.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ he was able to maintain persistence and determination to begin a new life as a motivational speaker.



I promised you as I held your lifeless body that I would do something big to help people. Because you loved me so much you changed my heart which in return saved my life. I promise to keep my word to you or die trying. If this book does not work I will write another one. If no one will donate a little to the PROMISE FUND at the Siloam police department to help their two dogs get vests -- I will find another way. When I am scorned by many for writing this book, I will stand!

Thank you for living Promise.

You're Master,


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