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Carver Thomas stood with his arms crossed ever vigilant; eyes focused on the front door making sure it would stay closed. He had just had a fire fight with the local law enforcement, The Enslavers, horrible men with superhuman strength and armed to the teeth with weaponry. The mission he was given was to retrieve four pregnant women from a facility, it was considered a suicide mission but he was underestimated and completed his task.
He lost his entire crew in a matter of minutes during the firefight; he had somehow survived the onslaught and escaped without a scratch. Mourning could not be done at this time, he decided, there would be time for that later. He could not risk his emotions get the best of him, life’s depended on his quickness and his infamous trigger finger.
His brown eyes grew weary, his muscles were tense, he knew that the fight wasn’t over; it had just begun. He ran his hand through his short black hair; which had debris and dirt from the getaway. In case the fight continued (he knew it would) his body was armed from head-to-toe; he had several knifes at his sides and each had a different blade and size, a shotgun rested on his back, and many guns filled the spaces not occupied.
He looked around at the four women who lay in beds with worried looks in their faces. All the beds where side-to-side so he could monitor their progression, they were all nine months pregnant.
“Are you all OK?” He asked conversationally, when none spoke he continued his efforts. “I know you all had a traumatic experience tonight but I assure you I had to get you out of there. Your children where in danger in that horrible place, you all would have been killed, genocide is legal now.”
He went toward the women and pulled a nearby chair close to the beds and sat down. The women seemed not to have noticed him so close to them, he sympathized with them. Their children would have been slaughtered in front of their mothers and afterward they where the next ones to be killed. That was the world they lived in; the world had long since ridden itself of disease and war. Now, all born where perfect in everyway, the parents chose their traits and appearance as if they where dolls. Those who weren’t born perfect where killed without mercy, it seemed that evolution wasn’t welcomed in this perfect world.
Man had begun to evolve; with or without the permission of the new world order, strength, speed, agility, even intelligence had begun to increase. Even some had abilities which worried all and they even managed to find a vaccine that reversed the process. They considered it a disease that could rotten the world and eradicate the peace in the world. Using the news and anything in the media as a tool to spread worldwide panic and fear of the supposed “contagious” disease and also creating a device that could find the gene that caused the mutation. Eventually creating the Enslavers so that they could round up the “diseased” and take them to the facility for extermination. Their super strength was not given by evolution rather it was science that allowed them to wield this power as they saw fit. The President, the ruthless Narvin, was the ruler of this new Earth and used the Enslavers as his personal army. Carver knew that the news of his daring escaped had reached the President, he would be furious and no doubt send his Enslavers to massacre search every square inch of New Enix.
A knock interrupted his thoughts and he quickly drew his gun, the women’s eyes bulged in fear. Carver went to the door and had his finger on the trigger.
“Carver, its Mannix.” The voice whispered behind the door.
“How do I Know it’s you?” said Carver. “This could be a trick”
“We belong to the Underground.” The voice said frantically. “Your middle name is Eugene.”
That was all he had to hear, he opened the door; in the door way stood a muscular man covered in blood, his face appeared cold and without emotion.
“They attacked HQ they know we where responsible for the attack at the facility, they swarmed in and unleashed their fury as retaliation. I was one of the few that got out alive.” Carver led him to an unoccupied bed and they both took a seat.
“Calm down, just breathe,” Carver said calmly. “Did the Johnson get out?”
“All of the leaders fled before those demons arrived, only a few stayed to fight including myself.” Mannix said breathlessly. “We didn’t stand a chance against that many, I managed to kill two and even that was sheer luck! I ran to the last escape chute to get out of that bloodbath, I barely made it.”
“Well, I guess we are both lucky.” Carver said with a smile. “We are survivors.”
Mannix eyes widened in shock.
“The others didn’t make it; the enslavers wiped them all out. I had to flee or else we wouldn’t make it.”
“We?” Mannix exclaimed, looking at the four women. “You did it! They all made it here alive! Destiny is on our side.”
Carver sighed as he stood his back to Mannix.
“Destiny is not on our side. Luck isn’t either. Time is against us the Enslavers will find us eventually and….” He stopped. The thought terrified him; he had brought these women in an effort to protect them and their children. The fact remained that death was the price for his reckless rebellion.
“Carver, they won’t find us.” Mannix said. “One of the head scientists gave them false information and they won’t be searching here. He even gave us an address to one of his estates. Doctors are waiting there, that’s why I came to see you.”
“That’s impossible…” Carver began.
“There is no time.” Mannix interrupted. “I thought you didn’t make it and I almost didn’t come but as I said Destiny is guiding us. Let’s go now. We can mourn and talk at the mansion.”
“That sounds great but how are we going to get there?”
“Leave that all up to me” Mannix said with a smile, as he looked at the hopeful women. “I guess this is going to be a happy birthday after all.”

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