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Before Jesus

Once upon a time there was a child name Nick. He was a young boy living in rich palace with everything he could have ever dream of. But one thing was missing from him - Jesus. He never seen him before, even those everyone talked about him at school. Nick is curious to see who Jesus is. Is he really an angle or is he someone really kind? He wanted to find out. So at the end he ran away from his palace and life, in the search for Jesus who he never known. He brings money and food with him but that didn\'t last. For many days he search for Jesus, every where he goes he would think Jesus is there, but then his not. Days went pass until eventually Nick gave up. He couldn\'t find Jesus so he quits his quest but then he relies - he doesn’t know the way back to his house. Nick was mad at Jesus for the entire burden he causes Nick. Nick was mad with blood lust, causing him to kill everything in his way. As more and more people he kills, his body begins to turn red due to blood stain until it turn permanent. His hairs harden until it eventually forms two horns because of it hardening and sticking together. Eventually Nick was left with two horns out of his head and a red body. Soon enough, people came after him, wanting to kill him. Nick has nowhere to hide so with all his fury at Jesus, he dug a hole under the ground, deeper and deeper until it reaches the core of the earth, Nick next makes his house underground with all the horrible things he could have. Finally he changes his name to Devil.From that day forward, he lives only to do the opposite things of what ever Jesus did.
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