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Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire
by Hakkiem

The wind whipped Thomas' golden hair as the dragon went into a dive of over 100 miles per hour. His hands clenched the leather straps as the force pushed him back into the seat on the back of the mighty Golden Dragon..........she was his friend....his ally....and his constant mind speak companion. He spoke to her now using that mind link. "Why the sudden departure from your chosen course?" Her voice came back to him as if a melody played inside his head. "We were about to hit a magical
mine field.....invisible to you...but I could see it just in time....thus the dive....I'm afraid we are expected." He fidgeted in the saddle as he mulled the news over. The damn Red Dragon was more cuning then he thought it might be. So the element of surprise was no longer a factor. He clenched the hilt of his mighty 2-handed sword and spoke once again to his friend as she leveled out her flight just inches above the tree tops of the Forest Primus. " Then lets not keep the Bastard Devil spawn waiting, make for the cavern and lets meet this foe head on."

He rolled off the neck of the Golden Dragon before her scales touched the forest floor. Coming up with his 2-handed sword of Justice gripped tightly in his hands. Making his way to the cave enterance the voice of the Golden Dragon echo'd in his mind. "Careful Thomas....control your anger....see beyond the
traps ....illusionary and real he has set for you.....I am near if you need my strength." Thomas crossed over the caves threshold and entered a hazy hall of sorts, huge to the human eye. A blast of sulfur accosted his nostrils as he move around the perimeter of the huge opening. His face was hit as with a blast from a furnace, hot rushing air, but he saw nothing in front of him. "Alright you Demon Spawn I know you be here....show yourself and lets bring this battle to its end."
There was a mighty roar and the Cavern shook. " Why should I give you any type of consideration human.....If you wish to slay me....you shall have to find me." and with that the Red Dragon laughed. " Thomas " the voice beckoned in his mind. " Draw a pentagram in the ground with your blade and stand within it.....then you shall see and be protected from the foe." He started to scratch out the magical symbol. The Dragons laughter was growing closer, but he could not tell from which direction as the sound reverberated off the caverns walls. Faster ... Faster he drew in the dirt ... Closer and Closer the laughter came towards him. Damn if it didn't mean to swallow him whole and excrete his remains in a pile on the cavern floor. He finished the diagram and leapt to the middle.

The haze was lifted and as his eyesight cleared he saw the gapping mouth of the foul beast coming for his golden head. It stopped suddenly as if striking a stone wall. The monster let out a howl as sparks flew around its open muzzle. Thomas breath a sigh of relief and while the beast was lost in confusion he leapt to the Red Dragons back swinging his blade as he landed square on the neck of his deadly foe. The Golden blade of Justice radiated like the sun. The blood of the Dragon spurt into the air as fountain of red pomegranate juice. It thrashed about wildly trying to dislodge its attacker from its back. Thomas' blade cut deep again and again....till the beast let out a heavy gurgle....Thomas rolled off its back finally landing once again in the center of the pentagram. The Red Dragon lay deep in a pool of its own blood and with its dying breath it spoke its last foul incantation.."Lat Tobos Ton Gusos" Thomas could hear
his companions' anguish as the words were uttered and the Red Dragon fell dead. "Thomas try to speak aloud as you humans are so fond of doing " the Golden spoke to him in his mind. But when Thomas try to speak nothing, not even a grunt passed his lips. He was cursed with having no voice and now he was truly alone with only a Dragon for company. In the years to come Thomas would undertake many quests and finally find his one true voice but alas that is a tale for another day.....Fini

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