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Goblin Prince

His call
Deep in the mountains of Daz-a-ra. On a cold night in the late of the thirteenth month in a small cave, the world was changed for ever. A small fire was lit in a small rock pit, in the center of the bare cave. Around this fire sat a small group of goblins worriers. Eleven of them male worriers each holding a dagger made of stone and dressed in poorly made letter close. With then was one female dressed in a snug red cloak she was held no weapon in her hand but the way the others looked at her you could tell she was the leader. They were feasting on a goat they had butchered only a few minutes earlier. The goat was being served in the best of goblin fashion; raw, warmed only by its living blood, the poor animal was still alive as they feasted.

In a corner of the cave laid a female goblin her name was Niena. She was a small goblin pretty as far as goblins go but of no real value. She had long sandpapery like black hair and was dressed in rags like any other goblin. She was screaming in pain as the lump in her stomach move. Though she was in pain and obviously about to give birth, none of the other goblins went to her aid. This was the fate of a goblin mother, to be mated by the whole or willing of the horde and to birth the offspring alone. She would only be a mother once, while most goblin mothers would have at least twenty to thirty offspring. This young mother knew this would be her only son, thinking of this sadden her but she knew all was for the better. Kalga The King of Goblins had picked her of all the other mothers. Her son would be the king’s son. She smiled to herself as she gave another push, her son would be the Prince of Goblins, that is to say she had a son, she knows that if she is to bare a girl her and the newborn well die yet if she gives berth to a son, Her life would be his future. This is why she was brought to the outside of the hordes land so she could be safe to give birth to her son... the king’s son. The twelve goblin guards would see to her safety and to her son’s. They would kill her and when the baby was born her task done, she would not be needed.

At the fire one of the goblin guards jabbed the goblin next to him looking to the mother in the corner, “I think it’s time.” The other goblin responded “Not until the boy is born.” The two goblins stared at the mother.

The young mother knew that the time was coming to a close, two days she had labored and in one last push the deed was done. The baby squealed as the mother smiled as she brought the baby to her breast. The baby fed and fell asleep as she cradled him. When she looked from the baby in her arms she saw the goblins around her, she did not scream or weep. She held the baby out to the female of the group. “you have done well Niena… the King well be pleased…cut her throat I want her to see her as she dies…”

The baby began to scream as it lessened to its mothers choked death cry
“Cry not young one, you well fare better with out her... you are destine for much more then any one knows, I have seen it in my dreams, you well fight even when blood rains from the sky”

Darca (Dar-ca)
A voice boomed in to the morning air. “Kalga are King approaches!” the worriers raised from there beds on the cave floor and ran to the cave entrance to welcome there king with the night watcher who had alerted them.

Kalga stop in front of the now kneeling group. His entourage of 30 armed guards stopped just behind him. Kalga was a king to be feared as was the king before him. Any goblin should be feared but you must under stand that to be king of goblins one had to kill the king before him, so with each king there is a new height of fear. Kalga had killed the king before him Flagna.

Kalga layered his body in heavy leather armor head to toe, at all times. He slept with two daggers and walked the day with as few as ten.

The king began to make his way to the inside of the cave, as the rest of his horde began to run the surrounding area for food or foe or hopefully both. Kalga kneeled over the young female holding the baby boy. The king asked in a low hiss “prince or cow.” The female looked in to the Kings face and replied in an excited glee “he’s a BOY father!” Kalga smiled as he took the boy by the foot from his daughter. Kalga held the boy up in to the light looking him up and down. walking over to his daughter Kalga dropped the baby in to here lap. He walked over to a bolder and sat his back against it; after a long time passed he looked at his daughter and said “what are they to call him Naga?” Naga looked at her father in disbelief that he had asked her to name him. This was the most important thing he had ever told her to do. She looked at her father and thought of all that was going to be expected of the boy and after much time the name came to her. She stood up and held the boy to the heavens and yelled out a name that dropped the king’s jaw, the name of the Reckless One “Darca!!!” Time it self seamed to stop in fear of the name spoken. Kalga walk over to his daughter and looked her in the eyes, he now saw that this was the effect she wanted. The king smiled a wicked smile “so his name shall be his making.”

A history of
mountain war
(chapter one)

In the time of the grate Goblin, Dwarf war, death was the only true fact. The war was started after the assassination of the Goblin King Flagna, by Kalga. Kalga in attempt to keep him self from being assassinated stared a war we now call the Mountain War. He told the goblin people that the war would help there horde grow and being prosperity to them. All lies if fact all he planed to do was drag the war out until he was old and would die of age not murder. But kalga also was in love with his own legacy and planed to create a dynasty. Kalga sought out the Goblin god known as THE RECKLESS ONE Darca. He asked the god “who well bear me a son that well lead my people to victory and well make my name live on in history.” the god told Kalga to seek out the Goblin Neina and to have her bear his son and to have his daughter Naga name him.

All this he did but what the god did not tell Kalga was of the hate his son would have for him and of the love of the people his son would possess.


For ten years Kalga had raged a war against the dwarfs in the mountains. He started the war after killing the king before him. It was in part because he knew if a war was raging then there would be enough killing to keep any one from wanting him dead. The other reason was he wanted the horde to grow in numbers and by forcing out the dwarfs, his horde could expand in to there cave\'s and supply them selves from there mines. But the first ten years were nothing but a foot for foot stale mate. Kalag had a son Darca at the end of the tenth year and the war got more intense but the two sides still could not over come one another. On the twenty third he outcaste his son for publicly disagreeing with him. The war has now raged for Twenty six years.


Darca has spent his life learning the way of war from his father Kalga and the way of weapons from his sister Naga. At the age of thirteen Darca was told by his father that he was banished from the horde and all of the hordes lands in tell he could prove him self worthy of being the prince of goblins. In the time Darca was gone he killed enemies of the horde. He spied on the elves and learned how to make there light strong steel. He made a forge in the cave he was staying in so he could practice and make him self weapons and armor. He spied on humans and learned that there were many types of humans and that each of them fought a different way and he used only what he knew he could use. When he returned to the borders of his home land he traveled them fighting in all the battles he could find and killed all that were not his horde. Now sixteen Darca is a well known warrior. His large size for a goblin was big news to both sides of the warring parties, it was said that the more goblins there were dead or alive the more powerful he was.

The prince is home
Darca stood out side the caves he once called home. Looking at all his fellow goblins that had covered the mountain. He looked at the clan he called family seeking his father in the crowd. He had fought to be the hero his father wanted him to be.
Kalga stood in the cliff entrance looking at his son. He had heard from his War Chiefs that his son had played a leading part in holding the border\'s deafens. They told him of how his son had run head long in to a Dwarf war party, they said he was a wave of power with every swing. He killed a dwarf with every move. Kalga moved in to his sons view.
Darca look at his father and felt a hatred rising up in his chest for the man that looked back at him. Darca had watched hundreds of his clans worriers charge in to there knowing deaths, all just because there king told them to, then he remembered being banished for trying to talk his father in to realizing the way he was fighting was nothing but pointless sacrifice, he was told not to come back in tell he was ready to be a true prince. “I’m home... now it is time to save my people from the mad-goblin my father has become.” Darca let out his booming voice saying “I Darca the son of the King Kalga has come home.” Kalga looked down at his son and smiled replying “My boy you are but a banished prince, my son you are not ready to come home and lead as prince”. Darca looked at all the goblins on the mountain seeing there low spirits in there faces. He yelled up to his father “AS A PRINCE I CAN NOT LEAD, I EM NOT MEANT TO BE A PRINCE...IM MEANT TO BE KING”. Kalga looked at his son in rage and replied “kill him for his insolents!”

Three goblin guards ran at Darca with spears at the ready. Darca drew out his sword shattering the first goblins spear and arm. The other two step out of his way and readied for another charge. Darca stepped in at one of the goblins twisting his arms as he swung his sword, cutting the guard in two, from head to toe. The last guard kept his distance from Darca for he knew that getting in range of his reach would be his death. Darca looked at the guard and said “you are frightened of death......you are a disgrace to this horde!” grabbing the end of the spear puling him close and cutting off his head in one swing.

Darca ran up the side of the mountain killing all of those that tried to stop him and he never stopped moving forward. Kalga pulled out two of his daggers and jumped down at his son. The two collided with the force of glycerin. “You can not win Darca.” Kalga spit. Darca pushed his father off of him and rolled up to his feet. Darca held his sword back with his wrest crossed ready to swing and kill. Kalga spun his daggers and in a flash he launched twenty-eight daggers at Darca. Darca blocked twenty of the daggers with one swing but was hit with the rest of them with such force he fell back a few steps. One dagger barley cut his arm as the rest broke upon his chest plate. Darca looked at his father and yelled “you are unfit to be king.” Kalga screamed in rage “how can you say that! You know nothing! You come here with your new armor and strange new sword, six feet tall and still You’re just a fool!” Darca raised his sword saying “you became king and exiled the world because you were afraid of its power, then you sent away the traders and made killing them a sport, then you exiled the clans who could be helping use with there powers, and last but not least you send are troops to fight the dwarfs with out any training, with out a chance. Just because of your pride you don’t think past numbers of troops.”
Kalga looked at his son as if for the first time. Darca ran at his father and swung his sword with all his might. Kalga jump kicked his son and launched two knives with chains at his son cutting his sons face four times in all twice going over him and twice coming back over him.
Darca got up looking in to his hands at the blood from his face and told his father “It’s over, I win”. Raising his sword and charging Kalga. The two hit blade to blade time and time again. Till finely Kalga broke Darca’s sword in to splinters by pining it to the ground and punching it with his fist. Darca was surprised to find his father to do something so foolish.
Kalga dropped his knife to the ground, his arm was broken and he knew it was over. Darca rose to his feet and looked to his now useless sword. Then he walked to his father and grabbed him by the neck and lifted him in to the air. He looked in to his fathers eyes and ran his fist through Kalga’s skull. The horde cheered. A new KING was born.

The time of Darca’s
Two weeks later. Darca was standing in the cavern of fire with his War chiefs, Glan-dol and Adon. “This is a new time. We must come together.” Adon said to the other two in front of him. Glan-dol turned his head to the king and said “I agree with Adon sir we can’t win alone.” Darca sat in a chair carved out of the cave wall looking at his Chiefs. He looked at the red stone walls of the cavern it was not much more than a chair and a door that made the room.
He looked at his Chiefs and began to tell them his plan.

“We well not ask or except help from any one we well send an emissary to the dwarfs and ask for a time of peace. For one year there is to be no battle. In this year we well build a stock of weapons and train an army to use those weapons. Then we well have are war in a swing that can’t be stopped.” Adon looked at his king as if betrayed. Sir you can’t mean to make peace with the mountain dwellers. “You would rather I send are warriors to there deaths, in every battle one dwarf well kill 10-20 of use be for they fall, an that’s when we win... the home caves of Zi-be-nata were lost last year and with the fall of that mountain city are numbers have declined and we cant feed are numbers.” Darcas eyes glowed with rage at the thought of his father’s foolishness.
Glan-dol looked over Darca vary carefully, he looked like goblin with his dark green skin, but he seamed out of place his armor was small and he wore very little of it as if he had just use precise of a much larger set. Darca left his arms bare and wore no gloves on his hands. He did have a strong chest plate but it just covered his chest leaving his mid section wide open, his back and mid front were covered with light chain-mail, and his legs he wore no armor at all except a plate that hung down to his nee on both sides. His hands had rings on every finger.
Glan-dol liked how Darca kept his long Mohawk of silver hair back in a braid. Darca look at Glan-dol and said “Adon bring me the smartest of are people, in need 20 weapon smiths, 40 armor smiths and 40 miners to mine the ore we need to make are new weapons.” Adon looked at Darca and Glan-dol, bowed and left to start his task. Glan-dol locked eyes with Darca and stared hard. Darca laughed at the look the Chief gave him and said “Don’t you weary my old friend, I have plans for you as well... you have led the army in to battle at every moment you’ve had the chance... I respect that, I want you to help me train the new army”
Darca leaned in his chair as he waited for Gal-dol’s reply. Gal-dol looked at Darca “I see that teaching them how to use there weapons is not my only task in the job you have presented me with.” Darca smiled “no it is not... I wish to make an army of warriors that can fight in a guerilla war in forest and mountains as well as fight a war on the planes.” I see said Glan-dol. “I need you to pick 11 warriors including your self to take on my training... 8 of you well become leaders of armies and the rest of you well become my personal guard” Glan-dol looked at Darca “you have grate plans and mean well so yes I well help you... tell me about this new army my King.” Darca pulled a map from behind his chair and unrolled it on the floor be for him and Glan-dol. “We well have four army groups first well be are Gladiators each one of them well have a short sword, a shield, and a helm” Glan-dol nodded “Then we well have are Defenders, they well have large Shields, full armor, long spears and long pikes. Then we well have are bowers each one well have a long bow and a long sword. Then last but not least we well have the Berserkers they well be are trump card they may have any thing that suites them.” Glan-dol smiled with an approving grin “this is some plan, how many to an army?” Darca replied “100 bowers, 150 Defenders and 300 Gladiators... all the Berserkers well be with me.”
Glan-dol rose from his seat and grasped Darca’s hands “I’m yours my King.”
“Good Glan-dol, we have much to do, in one year we attack the Dwarven race and exterminate them from the world.”

The lone hunter of no land

“Your mine goblin, just a little longer and you all well be mine.” Malachite had the goblin in his site and in a moment he would pull the release on his Fire-stick (gun) planting a small metal ball in the back of his head, it would be quick an simple tell the rest of his pack came back to help, then Malachite would shot as many as fast as he could tell they got to close then he would use his axe. “There blood well rain down the mountain” BANG!!!!! The shot was good. Another comes in to view “Aim small, Miss never, kill them all” Bang one more down as the stone bullet went thru his hart. All was quite... Malachite held still something was wrong, he had swore that there was three, two small and one big ugly one, but there was the big one with a bullet in its head from the first shot and the was a small one from the second, were was the third? Malachite set his Fire-stick on the ground and grasped his hand-axe from his belt and picking up his dagger from the ground and readied him self the in his keeled pose for the battle... he was now the hunted...

“You think you got me don’t you, you dam little demon. He’s close, but where? Why are they way out this way any how? I came here to hunt the winter game not goblins. All in all why they are this far from there lands; they land borders 80 miles to the west of here it’s not like them. “Snap” he broke a twig, he’s behind me!!”

Malachite spun up and around bating a pick aside with his dagger as he planted his axe in the goblins skull, black blood spraying everywhere.

Malachite had not come to the Is-rin mountains to kill goblins but sins they were there he did as any dwarf would do... kill them all or die trying. Malachite had come from the Alen-daz-na low-lands to Is-rin to hunt winter bear for there meat and fir. But the goblins he just killed bothered him. “There to far from there lands and they seemed to well at hiding them selves, why it was dam luck that I noticed them at all...” Malachite dragged the three corps to a small clearing and spread them out so that he could over look them. He was very surprised at what he found; all three were well armed and appeared to be in good health, most uncommon for goblins. “They weapons are all the same, but I don’t recognize there make. Were did they still these odd picks that they have and the axes?” Malachite packed the picks and axes in his bag and decided that on his way back to the low lands he would see about selling them in the city of Is-in-dar.

News of war
Is-in-dar the city of trade, travel, invention, lust and bloody greed. It was here that Malachite had come with his furs and findings to trade and sell. The city was some thing else with its high buildings and endless streets, that were all packed full of Dwarfs every day, the city was a place of magic and wonder, at any time there were mages doing tricks and bar hand boasting there pubs ale, ladies look for men to marry even for just the night if the coin was right. Worriers would fight in the town square to show there skill and the spectators would bet on the winners. Some called Is-in-dar the city of broken gems, on account of how many people cam looking for fame and fortune just to loss it all.

But some thing was wrong the normal husel-anbusel of Is-in-dar was more slow and many shops were closed some parts of the shopping district were completely empty, no one was at the city gate to welcome him with even a hello, which was what Is-in-dar was famous for its happy greetings and constant party like atmosphere.

Malachite made his way to a little shop with a wolf hide hanging over the door, with the words YOU KILLS IT, YOU SKINNS IT AND WELL BUY IT. Painted a crossed it.
Malachite entered the shop with his full packs of fur.
“Welcome to my humble shop friend but were not selling to anyone to day sorry for the trouble.”
“Well are you buying?” Malachite waited for an answer.
An old dwarf of 75 years came out from the back of the shop, his gray beard cut close to his face eyes as red a rubies in fire. He limped over to Malachite smiling. “Your alive why I thought you were dead for shear this time, no ones seen you or come with word of you in a year!”
“Come-now Kal-mun the wild well have me no sooner then a bar wench.”
Kal-mun let go of his friend and limped over to a chair to sit. “Who’s talking about the wild? I thought the goblins got you for shear.”
Malachite laughed ah ha ha “why would you think that”
Kal-mun laughed “your right my friend, now what have you come with I well pay you top coin for your bounty”
Malachite was happy to hear his friends talk of business but he knew getting him to part with his coin would not be so easy. They had done business a long time and they had a big difference in the idea of far coin for labor.
Malachite laid out all the furs and pelts for Kal-mun to see when he was done, the price Kal-mun gave him forced him to find a seat from shock. Kal-mun just offered him 100 gold coins for the lot of his skins and pelts, he had come hopping to get 15-20 gold coin for his winter hunting but this was incredible. With a confused look Malachite looked at his friend and said \"are you feeling ok? You just said you would pay me more gold then id make all year.\" Kai-mun look at Malachite with a greedy grin \"yes and the Army well pay me ten times that much for the amore I make from these.\" Malachite look even more confused \"when did the army start buying from privet merchants? You have always refused to join the Dragoon guild and there the only ones that supply the army of Cristelhelm.\" Kal-mun not seaming to grasp his company’s amassment merely went about counting the gold and replied \"yes but sins the war broke loss the Dragoon hasn’t bin able to keep up with the demand and so the High counsel gave them the freedom to buy from any one that makes the proper patterns. This last year I’ve done quiet well, ill have you know.\" Malachite felt like he was going to fall over from all the news he had just heard, had he bin gone so long that a war was raging and he dint even know about it?

“When the hell did a war brake loss?!”

Kal-mun looked at him as if it were for the first time. “Have u bin in those icy peaks so long that you didn’t know we were in a war?”
“When I left the Stone border war had ended, I didn’t know we were fight again all ready.”
Kal-mun looked at Malachite and sat down his breath now heavy as he told him all the news of the last two years of his absents. “After the war ended we had peace… The Goblins kept to them selves, it was good times… then they came.” seeing Malachite was going to speak Kal-mun spoke fast to keep him quite. “they came back like never before my boy, they came in uniform armor , not the best made or looking but it was uniform, they came in unites, and they fought like a army, in two weeks they had the border and the settlements 50miles in…. the war has bin a bloody mess with the kings men falling every day.”
“Who are we fighting, what mortal could bring such a force?”
“The Goblins, they have come back and this time they have a true worrier for a leader.”
Malachite looked at the floor trying to find the world he left behind.
“You had better be careful out there,”
“What are you talking about?” Malachite looked at Kalmun spiting in the dirt floor.
“Why aren’t you going to go to the nomads? Aren’t you going to go fight?”
Putting the coin he just got it to his pouch and tucking the pouch safely in to his vest Malachite laughed “Are you gone in the head old man, you think id go out there and tell the Ras-eer that they should fight for a king who hates them!” Malachite rose to his feet, started to walk to the door “What makes you think they would come…”
Kalmun rising to his feet faster then you would think one his age able yelling “IF THERE PRINCE WERE TO ASK HIS PEOPLE THEY WOULD COME JUST AS IF HE WERE TO ASK THEM TO FIGHT FOR THEM SELVES!!!!!!!!!!!”
Malachite stopped walking, Kalmun swallowed hard, he knew he had crossed the line.


The Captain of the guard looked smug as he counted his coin, it had bin a good day, hell it had bin a good year. Isindar looked empty with no one in the streets, but that was not the case Isindar was old and had seen many hard ships form war to blizzards and all the wile business went on, over the years the shop keeps and the city counsel of the king had seen to it that tunnels were dung under the ground right under the city, it was so grand a feet that the under ground tunnels looked just like the city up above, only under.

The Captain sat in his high backed chair and reach for his pipe on his desk, thinking a smoke would help him think, he had just bin told that the Kings Guard had arrived with a Gladiator. This was not the first time lords had sent Gladiators to Isindar to fight in the Pit but this was a Gladiator who came with the Kings Guard, this was no normal fighter this was Hal-vin The Bold. This man had 299 fights under his hammer and was said to be the best. The Guard said that Halvin had come to fight the gladiator who was called Runecuter and that by the order of the King that the Captain was to permit the fight. The Captain was glad to hear the news at first, that such a popular Gladiator had come so far to fight and he knew that a fight with Runecuter would make him rich, after all Runecuter was the most popular fighter in ages he had killed every one he fought in his 200 fights. Still the Captain knew that this fight would not be like the other fights. Halvin was not the most skilled fighter; it was not skill that made him famous as much as it was his armor and weapons that made him the best. Most men that stepped in to the pit were prisoners that volunteered to fight in hopes of gaining fame and freedom, others were soldier who hoped to get rich and retire young and then some were men that simply seek there in the pit a death of honor, but Halvin was not any of those things, no he was the son of a Rune Caster and his armor and weapons had runes carved over them to grand them power and safety, he was a man that love to kill for the sake of killing but didn’t like to work for it or to feel the he was endanger, this concerned the Captain.

Runecuter was a Dwarf of an odd history, he had bin a killer for higher, and was rumored to be inclinable. The Captain had never seen any of the supposed power Runecuter was said to have, but then Runecuter never spoke of having any power him self. The Captain remembered the day Runecuter walked in to Isindar. The Guards rushed to surround him. But in stead of fighting to his freedom he asked to talk to the Captain.
He told the Captain that he was tiered of killing for coin, he clamed that there was no coin that could make him a happy man and that the only thing he wanted was a real challenge to fight, he then handed the Captain a pack, inside of the pack was more gold the Captain would of made in 20 years. Sins then Runecuter lived a prisoner in a small home in Isindar the house was nice and the only way any one could tell he was a prisoner was the fact that guards stood out side at all times to see to it that he stayed not that any would stop him if he wanted to leave.

To be continued (sorry this is all i got so far. i would love feed back.)

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