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Thirteen Years Of Gray Pt. I

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It would be the morning of Thursday 16 February 1995, in Los Angeles, California. The temperature was below normal and people were walking around with there coats on. And a year that just seemed to get worst for Jackie Gray, a golden-haired thirty-something woman, five-foot-five at a near one-hundred eighty pounds. She was a single mother of a six-year-old boy. She had two jobs, a weekend job as a server, her primary job as a helper or more or less servant for Joel Hasserman, a highly-regarded music producer and best known as a record executive of a few pop music acts. Jackie Gray played the role as Joel's maid at his mansion, including the role as the chauffeur for his daughter Lila Hasserman, who was just six years of age. Most times traveling her to the private school just for girls as her mother had demanded. Including picking her up from the school when school was done. But when she had dropped off miss Lila from school, Jackie had to rush back to make sure all of Mr. Hasserman's items were set for him to grab just before he headed out to his well-paying, highly-commissioned job as a record executive.
It 's just the same week that Valentine's Day at the elegant Westwood area of Los Angeles. Since September, she had driven Lila Hasserman to and from school each Monday through Friday. Always flopping out of the car to open the door for her and also keeping it open for her when she walked out of school and into the elegant vehicle when school was over with for the day. But as the ride there and the ride back, Lila Hasserman wasn't vocal. She had said quite a few times that she would prefer that Lori, the other servant would drive. But Lori did not pose a driver's license, including of which that her legal status in this country was questionable.
Jackie was just a mile away from the school, with no traffic really in the way of her while she drove through the elegant suburban streets and beautiful homes Westwood has to offer. Jackie's eyes darted in the rear view mirror to see Lila on the opposing side of the vehicle at the back seat.
“Lila?” Jackie trying to get Lila's attention. A well-dressed Lila, wearing the school issued uniform (yet, the parents had to pay for), had heard it loud and clear, but pretended not too, she looked out the window.
“Lila?” Jackie again.
Lila slowly turned her head to eye the rear view mirror with an unpleasant face to Jackie. Jackie knew she got her full attention, but with that face that suggested, 'Why the hell are you talking to me? You're a piece of shit.' But Jackie kept the smile and the sweetness.
“Lila, on the way back, my son Donald will be here too.” Jackie said with a bright smile. A silence afterward as that face of Lilia Hasserman continued on. This wasn't special news for her. She then turned her attention to the window. But Jackie kept the smile.
“Lila, maybe you don't get along with boys, but you may like my son. He's six years old, the same age as you.” Jackie referring to years at the last sentence. But it appeared that Lila couldn't give a shit. And Jackie knew it.
“I think you'll like my son, he's very special.” Jackie finished. Lila then turned her head to eye Jackie and not the rear view mirror.
“Special Ed?” Lila asked.
“What was that, sweetie?” Jackie not exactly hearing that one.
“Special. Special people go to Special Ed. Like a couple of the girls in my school, we laugh at them.” Lila said. Jackie was a bit appalled by the comment, but, at least tried to be nice.
“Special Ed? No, my son is in preschool now.” She told her.
“There is a girl that goes to the Special Ed class. She drools a lot. She's nine years old. She's really stupid.” Lila told a story.
“Oh, Lila. Don't say things like that about other people. Especially those who are mentally or physically handi-capped. They cannot help it.”
Lila had parallel parked the elegant car in front of the school, basically right in front, as demanded by Lila's mom and Jackie's other boss. As he kept the car running, she had allowed herself out and walked around to the passenger side back door to open the door for Lila Hasserman. She opened the door, looking at Lila stepping out and her walking away. “Lila, you have a good day at school.” Jackie said to her, but Lila would not look back and reply, or not even reply at all. She walked to the doors, along with multiple girls ages five through eleven walking in, wearing there school issued uniforms. With or without adults, mainly females that were or were not servants, a few of them wore the attire that appeared that way. This would include Jackie as well.
Dear ol' Jackie Gray had got herself into the arched driveway of the Hasserman Mansion. Joel Hasserman, one of the top players of Capital records was waiting feverishly on the elegant steps of the way. Jackie pulled right close by the right side of the steps or Joel's left side, were a black suit, black Khaki, Gray turtle neck wearing Joel and a bald man with Khaki pants and a striped sweatshirt in his mid-thirties who Jackie was familiar with, and English record producer who was an associate with Joel, were on the steps talking. Jackie, with her black dress on had exited the vehicle and began her walk up the stairs, she was about to make her entrance into the Mansion.
“Jackie!” Joel asked.
“Yes, sir?” Jackie stopped.
“Jackie, you are a few minutes late.” Joel said as he put his arm that contained his elegant watch. It showed a time of 8:33 in the morning.
“Now, at 8:30am, on the dot.” Joel said those last three words rather harshly, “what are you suppose to do at 8:30 on the dot?”
“Um, handing you your folders, I... I mean your suitcase.” Jackie trying to put things right.
“Yes.” Joel with a disgruntled look, “so, are you handing me my suitcase right now at 8:30am?” Joe asking the obvious, with a harsh tone of voice. His undies where sure in a bundle.
“Um, no sir. I would but there was some heavy traffic. I rushed here as as fast as...”
“Just get me my suitcase, the small black Samsonite suitcase. Because of you, I'm late.” Joel Hasserman had demanded of her.
“Y-yes sir. Will do.” Jackie said as she put some hustle towards her walk, she waltz into the mansion.
“Would you hurry please!” Joel adding more salt to the would. He looked back to an emerging Jackie. He then turned his head to the bald man that was with him.
“Jesus, mate.” The bald man with an English accent, “I hope you pay your servants well. Were not late. You know bloody well Ms. Jackson isn't going to arrive to the studio for a long time.”
“I know.” Joel said to the Englishman. “But, this album that is coming up is becoming a real pain in my ass. Her brother Micheal is currently being questioned for molesting little boys. It's going to take a real miracle to get this to work.” Joel said, he then paused while he looked to the front doors, hoping Jackie would be right out. “And besides, I'm trying to hire another Maid that can drive.” He said while looking towards the doors, then he turned back to the Englishman. “That Jackie is scaring my little girl. I don't want to hear Ms. Jackson's album bombed and my little girl dying in a car accident.” Joe had finished. And just a second after, Jackie had stormed out the door with his suitcase.
“Sir, I'm very sorry for the delay. Here you go.” Jackie said handing an onlooking Joel his prised suitcase.
“Sir, will you be needing me to drive?” She asked.
“No, Bernard here will drive me.” Joel said as he hustled himself down the stairs, Bernard followed Joel to his own parked car, making Joel go around the the passenger side while Bernie opened the door to his own drivers seat.
“Please don't drive on the left, we drive on the right. Here in the United States.” Joel had told Bernard before he got himself fully into the vehicle.
“Just how bloody stupid do you think I am?” Bernard said to Joel before he got his left leg into the car. He then got himself inside the car all together and had started it up.
Bernard's car was facing the opposite direction of the recently parked car that Jackie was using, which, really wasn't hers. It was owned by Joe.
Bernard started the car and had went the opposite direction that was preferred not to do by Joe's trophy wife. If a car entered from the west gate which was made specifically for exit's, as the east gate was for entrances, Mary Hasserman witnessing this would have her out complaining, Jackie did this on her first week of work last year, Mary cussed her out.
Jackie had made her way inside the mansion to see Mary Hasserman, wearing a elegant warm red sweater and very descent jeans, with her long straight blond hair out, and walking her way.
“Did Bernard and Joel drive in the opposite direction on the driveway?” Mary asked.
“Um... yes. The did.” Jackie admitted.
“Oh, god dammit.” Mary threw her arms down, she pulled a pissy sigh. “I've told Joel, repeatably, do not drive that direction on the driveway. Enter the west gate, leave the east gate. Shit!” Mary finished with her tit in a wringer. Her hand was placed on her head with her eyes closed.
The other maid, who was a live-in maid by the name of Lori, who was from Uragray had approached the front room.
“Are you okay, Ms. Mary?” She approached the scene wearing a blue maid outfit.
“Yes, Lori. I'm just sick of people driving on the opposite direction on the driveway. If it weren't for the little coffee clutch I'm having here, I'd get a crew here to put the words ENTER and EXIT at both gates.” Followed by another one of her patented pissy sighs. Then a pause while she was leaving the elegant living room.
“So, Jackie, you're having your son come by and visit the mansion tomorrow? I won't be here, I have to drive all the way to Tempe, Arizona tomorrow morning.” Mary saying so while walking away.
Actually, he's coming by today.” Jackie corrected.
“Today?” Mary asked, along with a stop.
“Yes, is there a problem with this? I have it on your calender for the twelfth.” Jackie stated.
“Shiiiit....” Mary shook her head. “Okay, but he does not enter my room, Lila's room. I'm having my Coffee Clutch in the back living room. I do not want your son entering that room, before or during our coffee clutch.” Mary with pointing at Jackie, along eyes of doom, upholding a strict tone. Although applauded by her shitty strict tone, like always, Jackie had to be nice, “Yes, ma'am.”
“You keep him under control.” Mary again, with the same gestures.
“Oh, I will.” She said to her. Mary then turned away and headed into the hallway.
“So, when is you're son coming by?” Lori asked with her south American accent along with a smile.
“I will be picking him up on around my one-hour break. I was going to drive up to his school latchkey and pick him up. Bring him back here for a few hours. Then, well, if Joel or Mary allow me too, I'll be home at around five.” Jackie told Lori in a nutshell.
“Wow! I'd love to see your son, again. I remember seeing him here on that Christmas party. The day we had off, they bought other maids over so we can have fun.” Lori grabbing the Christmas memory out.
“I know. My life could use some more of that right about now. Or possibly another job.” Jackie said as she walked to the marble shelves to fix it up and make it look elegant.
“You know, tomorrow, Mary is going to be gone for a couple of days and Joe is allowing me to have a whole day off outside the house. Maybe after you transport Miss Lila back here from school, me and you can have our own coffee clutch.” Lori asked.
“Well, yes. I'd like that! Tomorrow after I'm off, yes. You pick the place.” Jackie allowed Lori to do.
“This place just outside of Van Nuys, it's called Lancer's Coffee. Sometimes my brother goes there after he's done with his job.” Lori said.
“What does he do again?” Jackie forgot, while removing the dust off the front coffee table near the dark elegant chair.
“He does construction. I wish I could live with him instead, but I have no drivers license. If I did, I can not have to live here. I'm mean, I like living here and working. But they cut my pay a lot, if I were to live with my brother, they pay me a little more. Lori said while she helped Jackie with tiding up the place.
“Well, if I can ask, how much do they pay you?” Jackie asked, but making sure the course is clear first.
“They pay me $100 a week, if I were to move out, it would be upped to $285, that's what they told me.” Lori told her.
Jackie then thought to herself, that is just over two-hundred dollars more that Lori, if Lori were to not have the live-in pay.

It became 11:20am while the AM kindergarten kids were ready to float out of school. First, that bell had to ring. Jackie waited out there with her 1987 blue Ford Escort that had a slight break problem. She stood right by it with her blue maid outfit on. She looked towards all the other mothers. The lady next to her stood by her GMC Jimmy. The young black-haired lady had a harsh frown to Jackie. Jackie knew it best, it was one of these trophy wives with elegant vehicles, married to prince charming. Took away his credit card and his two testicles. Now, the frowning black haired lady with her prised GMC Jimmy had saw an eyesore of Jackie Gray in her maid outfit, a peasant.
It made Jackie think of her ex-husband, or her son's dad. The two of them had married just before the birth of Donald, only through common-law and without the big ceremony. When Don was four, the two had divorced due to differences. After it had come to pass, he had moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and was skipping child support payments. The Friend Of The Court version based in Los Angeles, was always investigating her husband for missed payments, always. But always, it was still a dead end, plus the many backups, with many versions of Jackie Gray, the single-mom blues.
The bell had rung that signals the AM kinder gardeners could leave the school which was located just slightly off of the Van Nuys area. Donald gray had ran out of the school, he was second in-line to leave, he ran fast to his mother with a piece of manila paper which appeared to be an art project of sorts. Jackie Gray stood on bended knee with open arms for her son. Donald had rushed into her arms, they both hugged for a little while, Jackie let go and opened the driver's side door for Donald to crawl into the back.
“Sir Donald Gray.” She mocked, making a joke about her job as a maid.
“Mom, call me Don. I don't like Donald.” Don had told his mom while he hopped into the back of her car.

Jackie did right by entering on the west gate to the Hasserman Mansion, so she can avoid Mary Hasserman with her tit in a wringer. As she parked her car on the right side of the mansion, instead of in front. If Jackie's piece of shit car was parked in front, Mary would also be unhappy with that as well. So, off to the side she parked.
Both Jackie and her son Don did the walk to the front steps of the Hasserman Mansion. On those steps were Mary and three other women that were going to attend the Coffee Clutch being held in her home, or mansion. As Jackie looked towards her son to hold his hand while he had more careful help walking up the stairs. Jackie then looked up at the four. Mary and two of the women were talking among themselves, the one that wasn't had a cold blank stare at Jackie. The lady appeared to be in her sixties, possibly late fifties at the least. The lady had overindulged in the make-up department for her face had a big red puff on it. Jackie regarded the shit-staring lady, yet, she had to be pleasant and directed towards Mary.
“Don, that is Mrs. Hasserman. Now say hello to Mrs. Hasserman.” Jackie pointed out. Mary paused with a smile, at least while the two talkative ones had turned around to see Donald Gray.
“Why, hello...” Mrs. Hasserman bent down, she however forgot Don's name. The two other ladies who appeared to be in there thirties, one with short black hair, wearing sunglasses, an elegant black sweater with blue jeans and a jean jacket. The other had black long hair with curves, a black suit coat on with a white elegant shirt along with black dress paints. Mary looked at Jackie, lip-syncing to her, 'what's his name?'
Jackie with a silent, 'Don,' but Mary didn't understand. Next, Jackie again, instead spelling it out, 'D-O-N.' Mary's smile acknowledged that she got it.
“His name is John, that's Ms. Gray's son.” Mary had told the two.
“Umm, Mary...” Jackie tried to correct. The lady with shorter hair and sunglasses seemed to be more interested with her hello beating the other lady.
“John, my name is Mrs. Palavich.” She introduced. “Why, you have such cute cheeks, mind if I squeeze them?” She asked.
Donald did not want the pain at all from this, but Mrs. Palavich didn't wait for an answer and her left hand grabbed Don's right cheek.
“Umm... I'm sorry, but his name is Don, not John, sorry for the confusion.” Jackie corrected and partially blamed herself for the misunderstanding. Mary Hasserman is always right in her little base, so Jackie had to take the heat.
“Mrs. Palavich, my son got hit in the face with a baseball just a month ago, you doing that is...”
“But he is so cute.” Mrs. Palavich interrupted Jackie, she squeezed harder on Donald's cheek, he began to make an irritating sound. He was not enjoying the pain of Mrs. Palavich's admiring of Donald's cuteness.
“Mrs. Palavich, my son...” Jackie would be interrupted, instead by the other lady.
“Myra, please, let go of him, he's about to cry.” She told Mrs. Palavich.
“MYRA!” She urged, she quickly turned to Jackie to show the embarrassed smile. Myra Palavich slowly let go of Donald's left cheek, the irritating sound went away due to the relief of the pain, he then went to his mom with open arms and for protection from the evil Myra Palavich.
“Myra, Tina, Mary, let's all get this coffee clutch started. It's damn cold out here!” Said the older woman with a grumpy stare from hell. Jackie then turned her head to the old grump two-bagger hiding behind the makeup, she didn't want the D-word coming out of her mouth with Donald around. Jackie began to add along with the staring contest and did the same with a grumpy stare, regardless of the idea that she is now in Mary Hasserman's world, that just won't cut it.
“Uhh... yes. Betsy is right.” Mary trying to end the pause and take everyones mind of what just happened. She then continued, “it is cold out, why don't we all step inside?”
“Yes, Let's.” Betsy said in an insolent tone of voice.

Jackie and Lori, inside Lori's live in room had stayed inside, then opposed of making sure at least one was on standby for the eight women at the coffee clutch. Which, really was a stable of women talking over each other about personal issues, the news, etc, etc, etc.
Donald sat on a nice soft armchair while Lori handed him a can of Dr. Pepper. Lori looked rather close to Donald, closer to his left cheek to see a slight shade of red.
“Oh, Jesus, that Myra lady gave him a tattoo.” Lori said to Jackie as she was grabbing a small bag of Doritos chips.
“A tattoo?” Donald said in confusion.
“His cheek is red?” Jackie confirming Lori's version of getting a red burn.
“Yes, that Myra woman pinched him too hard.” Jackie had found Donald's personal favorite flavor of Doritos, Nacho Cheese.
“Jesus Christ!” Jackie said out loud, looking towards the door, seeing that it was closed.
“What the hell is wrong with these rich people? They get anything they want in the country.” Jackie giving her redefined two cents about the power of being wealthy in the United States. She was now in front of Donald and handed him the little bag of Doritos. She then noticed for herself the redness on Donald's left cheek.
“Oh my god.” She said, while Donald opened the bag of chips. A quick couple of knocks on the door came to pass. Lori darted her attention to the door and walk towards it.
“Need an ice pack, sweetheart?” Jackie asked humbly.
“No, I'm okay. Don't call me sweetheart.” Donald told his mother. Lori opened the door to see that Tina Palavich appeared.
“Why don't you want me to call you sweetheart?” Jackie asked, while Lori at first denied access to her personal room.
“Because I don't want you to. People laugh at me because of that.” Donald said. While Tina Palavich whispered in Lori's ear, handing her a fifty-dollar bill.
“But, sweetheart, I...” Jackie was going to continue until she saw Donald appear angry. Then Tina Palavich had interrupted her concentration.
“Excuse me.” Tina said with a smile. She then directed Jackie to the corner with the door to her bathroom with her arm around Jackie.
“Listen,” Tina said with a sincere voice, “I'm deeply sorry for this, for what my sister Myra did to your child. Is he hurt badly?”
“Oh no.” Jackie said. She then looked over to Donald. “Don's a tough little one, he can handle that. Isn't that right swe... I mean Don?”
“I'm strong!” Don assured with a little push to the voice. Both Tina and Jackie had smiles on there faces. Then they turned back to talk among themselves. Tina then grabbed a one hundred dollar bill from her pocket and a business card , she then wrapped the one hundred dollar bill around it and handed it to Jackie.
“Wait, I can't accept this.” Jackie said quietly.
“Shh... I'm making Myra pay this. It's a personal bet that she would never do it again.” Tina told Jackie.
“Well, I can't accept...” Jackie was interrupted.
“Working for Joel and Mary can be a real pain in the ass. Even Lori knows that.” Tina said while putting, just the one hundred dollars in Jackie's hand. Jackie instead, looked over to Lori who was stepping out of the room, likely getting to the coffee demands of the Coffee Clutches. Then Jackie turned to notice that one-hundred dollar bill right in her right side pocket.
“Good. If some after-effects should come up, call me, I have my temporary number here in Los Angeles written in the back.” Tina told Jackie, handing her the business card.
It said Tina Ehret-Palavich. Assistant Director of the Munich Museum of Arts. Located in Munich, Germany. Along with phone numbers too.
“You live in Germany?” Jackie asked the oblivious question.
“Yes, it's a very nice country. I love my job. Gives me an excuse not to be in the United States for fifty out of the fifty-two weeks. It's my sweet getaway.” Tina had finished. The love of Tina's job had made Jackie open up some personal jealousy that she would not display. She liked the idea that Tina loved her job, but Tina was right about working for Mary and Joel Hasserman. Jackie wanted to tear up on that, but kept herself from doing so.
“Wow, you got quite the job there. I'm glad you enjoy your job. Mine at times can be quite painful.” Jackie said, followed by laughter from the both of them. While this, the door opened to see that Betsy, the two-bagger grump behind two hundred dollars of makeup, was peeking inside the room.
“Sarah, Mary does not want you in the Maid's personal room, get out.” Betsy Demanded, with the grumpy face.
“I'll be out of here in two minutes.” Tina told her mother.
“Sarah, you have no business in here. You're coffee is getting cold.” Betsy with wide eyes.
“Mom, Myra got went off the wall again, I wanted to apologize on her behalf to Miss Gray and her son, Donald.” She said to her mother. She then turned to Donald.
“Don, I'm apologize on the behalf of my sister, for what she had done.” Tina said humbly, with a face of honesty.
“It's okay, Miss... um...” Donald was stumbling for her last name.
“Mrs. Ehret. But you may call me Tina.”
“Okay, thank you, Tina.”
Tina then walked away with a whisper, “Danke Schon.”

Tina had walked out of Lori's personal room and closed the door, not only to see her mother Betsy Palavich, but also, Mary Hasserman as well.
“Tina, please.” Mary started, with wide eyes, Tina did something wrong. “Don't be sociable with the maid's on a personal part.” Mary Hasserman said.
“I was just going in there to apologize about what Myra did earlier.” Tina said.
And along with the wide eyes and a face of a rich man's angry wife, “Tina, you do not need to apologize to them.” Mary finished with teeth out.
“Why don't you stop with the face of death, Mrs. Hasserman.” Tina suggested with a smile.
“Don't walk into my home and do this. I'll treat my maid's however I wish.” Mary said with a threatening tone.
“Yes, Tina, you should be respectful, besides, that maid over there is just white trash. Like her son.” Betsy said, looking down on Jackie and Donald, as she is God.
“Would you like me to tell Jackie that Myra is a sex offender?” Tina asked.
Betsy sighed a shocked sigh and covered her wide mouth. Mary had remembered this, she had remembered that Myra Palavich was on the sex offender list, soon to be off if the father Palavich can send some greenbacks to the person-in-charge of the California Sex Registry List.
“Myra is your sister, how can you say that?” Betsy asked in a harsh but silent voice.
“I had to transfer Euros into United States dollars, ten thousand to be exact. It was going to help me on a payment on my house me and my husband had in Munich, which I had to get a second job as a waitress at a restaurant in Munich. That money went to legal bills because Myra became romantically involved with a sixth-grade boy.”

A moment later, Mary Hasserman had peeked into Lori's personal room to see Jackie making her way out of it, but Mary stopped her.
“Hi, Jackie.” Mary said. This was somewhat of a shocker to Jackie, Mary was actually being nice to her, she had a smile. This must be a joke, was Tina being a fake? Did she want Jackie to blab out that she hated working for Joel and Mary Hasserman?
“Jackie, you don't have to rush on this but, Lori needs help with the coffee cookie tray. But, if your son is hurt by...” Mary was interrupted.
“No, it's quite okay, he is fine. I was on my way to help out with that. Plus, his Game Gear will entertain him to no end.” Jackie pointed out. Don was playing with his Sega Game Gear.
“Oh, yes. I see. I do have to come here and apologize for what Myra Palavich did. I'm so sorry for this.” Mary saying with a sincere voice, this was a first for Jackie and a shocker.
“Okay. Really, it's okay. As for Don, he will be basically staying in this room, he won't be intruding everywhere. Like you asked earlier.” said Jackie.
“Oh no, he can come see us if he likes He can come see Lilia's room.” Mary now allowing Don access to some of the rooms in the Hasserman Mansion for viewing.
“Nah, Lila's room is filled with girly stuff.” Jackie said with a silly face.
“Oh, yes. It does. Well, I don't want him to be restricted.” Mary said. Funny that earlier, she basically demanded her son not to be running around the house. Not to go in Mary and Joel's room. And definitely not to go into Lila's room. Now, Mary had lightened up.
“Well, once he's on his Game Gear, he's on it for quite a while. He'll be on it until I have to pick up Lila from school. And then some.” Jackie said.
“Oh, okay. Well, whenever you can, the cookie tray is currently being prepared by Lori. But it's no rush.” Mary said as she was going to make her way to the room where the coffee clutch was being held.
Jackie was rather surprised, did the story of Ebenezer Scrooge happen to Mary Hasserman, only in the matter of a couple of minutes? Did The Ghost Of Christmas Past made a belated visit to show her how she was the bitch head cheerleader in Beverly Hills High, with how she betrayed and denied her previous friends who became the nerds?
Did The Ghost Of Christmas Present allow her to see other people's view of her, Jackie's, Lori's, her husband possibly thinking she is nothing but shit? And possibly drooling over Miss Janet Jackson's milkshake, or even maybe one of these sexy dancers he tours with? Or some of her friends thinking bad of her?
Did The Ghost of Christmas Future showed his dark figure and a show of divorce to Joel, while she is stranded with Lila, with no money from him? Would she be forced to live as a single white mother in a shitty lower-class neighborhood with a bitchy daughter who is accustomed to having everything served to her in a golden platter? Or did Tina Ehret-Palavich lived up to her words? That must of happened.
On the other end, Mary was making her way to the room with Tina Ehret standing by the door, where the room that contained the coffee clutch with some rather obnoxious voices, with her small cup of elegant coffee with a English toffee taste to it. She was looking at a picture of Joel Hasserman with the three Gibb Brothers known as The Bee Gees, the three brothers were holding there prize gold record for there 1989 release of there album 'One.' Along with Joel Hasserman on the right of the three with a bright smile. Along with a short man who sported a ponytail on the left. Tina took a sip of her coffee as she turned around to face Mary.
“The Bee Gees.” She said, “That album did very well in Germany. My husband has that album, so do a couple of my co-workers. So tell me,” Tina was saying, stopping for another sip of her coffee, “what did he do for that album? Was he the producer? Tour manager?” She asked. Mary did a quick smile and stepped rather too close to Tina Ehret.
“You know what? This is your last time here in my home. What I do not want, is one of my maids putting a lawsuit on me because I had made the mistake not to let her know that on of my patrons at my Coffee Clutch had made a big mistake.” Mary had said, dropping the smile.
“Don't worry, I leave back to Munich tomorrow. Even when I come back to visit here in Los Angeles, I don't think I'll be coming here.” Tina assured.
“Okay. Please, do not come back here. And do not mention that to Miss Gray, I already have mentioned that. Now I have to give her an extra two weeks pay. And do not spill that coffee out here!” Mary said the last sentence with a strict tone, along with the frown. Mary then walked into the room with the Coffee Clutchers, along with the white lie to add along with it.

Jackie went into the kitchen, to see Lori almost finishing up with preparing the elegant cookie tray. Lori looked back to see Jackie walk in.
“Oh, Lori, I'm sorry, do you need any help?” Jackie asked.
“Oh no, Mary told me it was no rush.” Lori said.
“Well, that's funny, she was suddenly being nice to me.”
“It's because of Mrs. Ehret, or Tina, she prefers Tina, even when Mary tells her not to.” Lori said, she began to ramble on, “Always on Coffee Clutch, 'coffee tray, now.' Mary would always say. When Tina is around, usually once per year, she basically tells Mary to be nice, then Mary says, 'no rush, relax, don't go fast.' I wish Tina would come every time they do Coffee Clutch. But she don't live in America. She work in Museum in Germany. Sarah's real nice, not mean like her mother and sister. The sister pinched your son's cheek.” Lori saying in a nutshell.
“Yes, her sister Myra.” Jackie said as she approached the silver elegant cookie tray.
“Yes, Myra used to be teacher at middle school in Malibu. She lost her job.” Lori giving a one-line description of what her previous profession was.
“Did she pinch too may cheeks to lose her job?” Jackie joking on why she lost her job.
“No, the school was making cutbacks.” Lori said.
“Cutbacks? At a school in Malibu?” Jackie questioned.

Over three hours had passed by with Jackie driving a car owned by the Hasserman's. Used specifically for chauffeuring and chauffeuring only. She had drove on the streets of the Northern suburbs of Los Angeles. The squeaky clean streets with elegant homes and nothing but nice happening. It was like a fucking lifetime movie before the small conflict comes up. Jackie drove on while Donald was playing with his Sega Game Gear.
“Don, were soon going to be at the school that Lila goes to, when she sits back there, I want you to be nice. Don't say that girls are slimy.” Jackie said to her son with a humble face.
Don looked at her and said, “Okay, mom.” Then he looked straight back to his Sega Game Gear. Because the very mention of Don's 'girls are slimy' saying can equal to a talking to from Mary and/or possibly Joel about no longer having her son with her at her job. With a possible suspension added. She had knew that Mary's streak of being nice was only temporary sanity.
Jackie had arrived to Lila's school to see it being dismissed already. Jackie parallel parked to the side and left the car to open the back door for an already approaching Lila Hasserman.
“Did you have a good day at school?” Jackie asked Lila with a smile, including that she opened the door for her. Lila, instead, did not reply at all. She just stepped into the vehicle. The usual thing, Lila would not reply at all, or would just say 'Fine,' in a shitty tone of voice. Jackie shut the door behind Lila. Jackie was going to the front door and take Lila back to her home, until the sight of the black-haired lady she saw at Donald's school was, well, at Lila's school. The two had stopped to look at each other. The black-haired lady had her patented frown.
“How come you dress like that when you go to school?” Said Don, noticing Lila wearing a school uniform, as he peeked up over the front seat with his left arm across the seat with his right arm away with his right hand holding the Sega Game gear.
“It's because I go to a private school!” Lila said to Donald in a shitty tone of voice, added to it was the stare from Lila for a brief moment. Then she sighed and looked out the window. Donald sat back down and went back to work on his Game Gear. Jackie had finally found reality besides the stare down courtesy of the frowning black-haired bitch. She had walked around the rear of the vehicle and had entered into the car and prepared herself to pilot the hell out of there, along with starting the vehicle she took another look out the windshield to see the black-haired lady walk into Lila's school, with the stare locked at Jackie. Jackie rolled a pissy sigh,
“Who in the hell are you?” She said out loud, yet, only meant for herself.
“What?” Donald said, his attention to the Game Gear didn't allow him to catch what his mother said. Jackie was clear to go and that she did, driving along on the block that contained Lila's school that was on the westbound side, with some larger suburban homes on the eastbound side.
Jackie was on her way to make a left turn into the two lanes a piece road with a left turn lane in the middle but had to stop and wait for the traffic to clear up. She had looked onto the Southbound Traffic to see a seam in the traffic, but while that, she noticed that Donald did not have his seat belt on.
“Don, please put your seat belt on.” his mother told him. Don complied. Both sides showed a temporary time to get over, so Jackie did. While doing so, she looked back briefly at Lila, not wearing a seat belt. Jackie noticing this had quickly took a look at any traffic up front. Nothing extremely near by. She looked at the rear view mirror to see Lila with her frown, looking at the scenery.
“Lila, can you please put your seat belt on?” Jackie asked in a sincere voice. Lila would not reply to that. She sat there, starting out the window. As if she didn't hear it.
“Lila sweetheart, please put your seat belt on.” Jackie asked again in a sincere voice. And again, Lila wouldn't move or wouldn't respond to it. Jackie had hit a red light with two vehicles ahead of her.
“Lila, please, I'm asking you nicely, please put your seat belt on.” Jackie humbly asked. Lila would not reply. And it had become more concrete, Lila would not listen or comprehend. Jackie shook her head and said “Tch.” Jackie Gray's life was one hardship after another. Working shit jobs since her husband dumped her with the wolves. Doing everything from industrial jobs to being a night server, including a couple of jobs in South Los Angeles. She had been robbed quite a few times down there, including once during the afternoon hours. All the tips she had made, whisked away from gang members or plain ol' gun toling thieves. It was enough to say many too many. The light was now green, but it would be a moment until the flow of the traffic could go. A granny who was in front had took a while to notice that the light was green, the driver before Jackie honked her horn. Then the traffic was flowing.
“Lila, I know you don't like me driving you to school and back home. But I do not like having to go to work two jobs and barely getting a day off. To provide from myself and Donald. But I have to do so. Just because you don't like me driving you to school and back home, doesn't mean that's going to change because you don't want to say anything to me.” Jackie said along with looking at the rear view mirror. Lila had turned her head slightly to look at Jackie for a split second and looked back at the window, straight back.
“Lila, for my concern of your safety. Please put you seat belt on.” Jackie asked. No reply at all. Jackie was now ready as ever to pull some drama, she definitely had enough. Jackie then turned herself with her right hand across the front seat.
“LILA! For the love of every fucking god that is out there!” Lila then turned to Jackie with shock and surprise with the idea of Jackie going bat fuck insane, her face went from rich little girl frown to scared little one. Donald's attention trailed off the Game Gear an started gaining on his mother's screams. Jackie's attention was away from the road.
“Lila, I don't give a shit if your parents fire me! But, you will put that fucking seatbelt on!” Jackie screamed. Her full attention to Lila with threatening eyes, not on the road.
“Mom, are you okay?” Don said to his mom.
“Lila!” With gritted angry teeth. “Put you're motherfuckin' seat belt ON!”
Lila then stuck her hand out, pointing with fear. “Look out!” She screamed and pointed to the road.
Jackie instantaneously dropped the anger and hatred, and looked over straight ahead to see that she was on the opposing lane, heading straight ahead to an oncoming semi-truck. Before Jackie could freak out and move over, it was too late. She would hear Donald's scream and Lila's high-pitched scream with the blaring honk of the semi. The last thing she saw was that truck crashing into her.

Jackie's vision was beginning to fade in. She would see something brown, but the faded vision could not place what the hell it was. She moved her head and saw something different, it was moving blurs of what she could put together, it was people. Her vision was increasing it's detail as time progressed. She then saw a few medics in front of her. The the sound as well as the pain followed along. The pain rose first, but it wasn't as harsh as it may have been, thanks to an airbag.
Everything could not make sense to Jackie at all. It would have to slowly draw through. The sound of it all would help a lot.
“Are you okay, ma'am?” A male medic asked.
“...huh?” Jackie slurred out.
“Are you okay?” The medic asked more clearly.
“...uhh, yes.” Jackie finally answered properly. And it all dawned to her, she had now been in a car accident. She then looked to Don on the passenger seat. A female medic was with Don who was sitting on the seat, shaken up, but appeared okay.
“OhmiJesus, Don!” Jackie wait a whimpering voice, she was close to bursting into tears.
“Mom, I'm alright. My Game Gear doesn't work now.” He said with his broken Game Gear, Jackie seeing that the side airbag had opened for Don. Jackie breathed a sigh of relief, along with tears. She then reminded herself with Lila. Her eyes widen by that thought and turned over to see that Lila was not there.
“W-where's Lila?” She asked, anyone.
“Ma'am, she suffered a facial laceration due to impact of the crash. She is currently being prepped to the hospital.” The male medic told Jackie, who was standing next to her. Jackie turned her head to the ambulance. The back door was opened with a good view for her to see. The male medic asked again if she was okay, but Jackie wasn't paying attention to that, she had her eyes on the scarred Lila Hasserman, with no particularly major injuries. She was sitting at the end of the truck, with her mother and also, the black-haired woman who Jackie saw two times earlier, both at Donald's school and also at Lila's school. That frowning black-haired beauty was obviously a spy or some form of personal consultant for the Hassermans', keeping an eye on Jackie.
Jackie saw Lila point her finger straight towards her. Altering her mother and the black-haired beauty-slash-spy that they needed to look towards Jackie. The both of them turned to look at her. The black-haired beauty kept her frown, Mary Hasserman at first was a face of concern, wearing off to eyes of anger, with teeth showing a signal of potential anger. Mary had walked a hard-ass walk with the stern face of death, along with the consultant following. It was not going to be good, Jackie was screwed.
“Look what you did to my daughter, you bitch!” Mary screamed while she was within several steps of Jackie.
Jackie began the attempt of an explanation, “Mary, I...”
“Shut up!” Mary said, now within talking distance, the male medic looked over to Mary. “You just shut the hell up! My daughter is hurt!” Mary continuing the tirade. The male medic had made a signal to an officer nearby to help with a possible security issue, which also caught the attention of the female medic assisting with Don.
“I swear to God, why does my husband hire white trash like you to serve at our home?” Mary putting more salt into the wound. Jackie was mixed with self-pity and shame, she hurt a child, it was her fault.
“Ma'am, you're going to have to step away from here.” The female medic told Mary.
“Shut up! You shut your fuckin' mouth!” Mary moving her tirade to the medic, using the same tone of voice she used with Jackie. The female medic would bounce those words off and also asked for an officer to step in.
“How could you do this? WHY THE HELL WERE YOU DRIVING ON THE OPPOSITE FUCKIN' SIDE OF THE ROAD? Are you stu-pid?” Mary ending the question with noticeable globs of spit coming out of her mouth, along with a near mental lapse. People beneath her could make Mary's extravagant life more difficult on her mental state. Jackie would look on with no words, but her mouth open. She could not think of the right words, there was nothing she could say or do. Nothing to make Mary and her evil spy's frown go upside down. A young male officer had stepped in between a sitting Jackie and a distraught Mary Hasserman.
“Ma'am, this is a scene of an accident, you are going to have to step back.” The officer ordered Mary in the nicest possible way to leave the scene, with a hint of a push.
“You are fucking fired! Your hear me? YOU ARE FIRED!” Mary said to Jackie. The officer started to stray Mary away, whilst Mary running her mouth, “Do not come back to my home, I'll throw your white trash car out front! All your shit I'm going to leave it out of the mansion. Do not fucking enter my house! You are fucking fired! Don't you dare come near my home, I'll kill your white-trash ass myself!” The last sentence and questionable death threat was fading away as the officer pushed her away. Another officer came by to wist away the frowning bitch spy/consultant.
And just like that, right in front of her son, Lila, and a on-looking crowd of wealthy Westwood residents with cold stares, Jackie Gray was fired. One mistake had made a troubling end to her job and a big demerit to her status. She slowly turned to her son, who was now crawling out of his seat with the help of the female medic. Thanks to the airbag on his side, he would escape to the hospital with minor injuries and his own life. Jackie turned to her airbag. She now wished that airbag never had opened. Along with the wish that the car had no airbag, so her face can slam into the steering wheel and that would be that. It sure would be good enough for her to take a chance to seeing death, or if Heaven and Hell actually exist, would Jackie go to Hell? It probably would be a better place opposed to her current situation of the gift of life turned into shit. She had hurt a wealthy man's little girl, it would be all her fault and all her fault only.
Only if she just let Lila go and not make her, or attempt to make her wear her seatbelt, or maybe not getting extremely angry and aiming her energy and undivided attention to Lila instead to the road. If at most, if Lila was caught without her seatbelt on upon return, Mary would have had her tit in a wringer and publicly yell at Jackie for Lila's seatbelt not being on, even if Lila refused. But, what about that Black-haired frowning asshole who was following her around? Was this the day she was going to get fired? Was it? It would possibly entail to Jackie, that one way or the other, she was fucked, she could have been fucked easy, or as of now, fucked pretty hard.
Jackie's will to have an anxiety attack was reaching. She then heard a few comments from the crowd, at the same time, multiple medics asking her if she was okay and also telling her that her son was on his way to the hospital to be checked out. She looked over to the crowd, people were pointing at her, shaking there heads. Photo cameras that were for personal and commercial purposes were out for display, most of them pointing right at Jackie as she looked on, she heard the clicks and saw a few flashes, with all the frowns looking at her. All the people pointing at her, the few words that she heard degrading her. Calling her a bad driver, a bad chauffeur, a bad person, an idiot, a loser, a piece of shit, white trash.
A tear fell from Jackie's eye as she could not stop looking at the crowd, then cameras of the other sort had popped up. They were one's requiring you to use one of your eyes to shoot the scene, including those with a folding screen. Then a cameraman with a well-dressed woman holding a microphone reporting live on the scene. This would appear to be a field news reporter for the local station. Just what Jackie need, the news at her accident, one she had committed. She saw the camera man point at the news reporter, then when the reporter appeared that she was finished with introduction, the cameraman pointed his camera to Jackie, inside the busted-up vehicle with both airbags deployed, with her face of metal anguish and tears. The cameraman just did not move that camera anywhere else, it stayed right on Jackie.
The whole fucking world was after Jackie Gray just at the worst possible fucking time. People were looking at her and laughing. All the king's men and women of Westwood were having a helluva time, pointing and laughing at that piece of shit peasant. The royalty of the Hasserman's were looking with faces of hatred reaching further down the level of hell. The young smart ass cameraman, whose primary job is to fucking humiliate the dear ol' maid, probably from some shit middle-class or even lower class neighborhood.
Jackie's tears ran down her cheek and began to drop onto the seat. Her anxiety had reached to a tolerable level, but it was climbing.
“Ma'am?” From the female medic, “are you okay?” She asked Jackie with a grueling tone. Jackie's anxiety was beginning to go pass the tolerable level, she started to fade away from reality.
“Ma'am?” The female medic again.
But Jackie was out, before she knew it. She was wishing for her death, did death come by to take her away?
“Ma'am!? Shit, somebody get me some oxygen here, she's fading away.”
The anxiety grew into her, she was outside of the world, away from the pain and everything else.
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