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If I was to never meet you I would not be the same. For when I got to know you, something in my heart has changed.

You are so many things to me, I am not sure if you will just ever understand. Sometimes I feel you can see right through me unlike any other man.

I have many disguises, but only you are seeing the real me. I never thought anyone could. Iím not sure how this can be.

You baffle me, you surprise me, yet I see into your soul. You just want to be a part of someone, you just want to feel whole.

For I too, know this feeling, , I thought no one else could ever understand. I know you understand me, just by the look of your eye and the touch of your hand.

You have forever changed my life, and that I owe you my faithfulness. You are the only man I care about, the only man I want to kiss.
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