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A horrible experience

Hui Lian is going to rent a room around her working place. She
searches the whole neighbourhood the whole day, still she can't find
a room to rent. Taking a rest, she comes to a restaurant and orders a
drink. While she is sipping a drink, that is a guy in his 50s comes
and sit besides her. "Hey, what's up ?" The middle-aged guy asks her.
" Oh, I try to look for a room to rent, but still couldnt find one."
The guy then handle her a name card, and tell her," Hello, miss, this
is my name card, I am the agent, I can find a room for you in the
short while, but you must pay me the commision of 150. Do you agree ?"
Hui Lian seemingly happy with the offer, and she quicky hand the guy
with the money. The guy then walk out for a while, and come back with
a grin. "Miss, I got a room for you, this is the address, you go and
talk with the owner of the house, " As the guy hand her a piece of paper
with the house address written on it. Hui Lian thanks the guy, take off
to the house.
Within 10 minutes, Hui Lian comes to the house. She knocks the door,
with a moment, an old lady comes out to open the door, and greets her.
" Oh, I guess you are the one who come to rent a room. Please come in."
Hui Lian follows the old maid into the house, passes through a dark
passage in the house, which seem to be old and with spider web on
the roof. The smell of dew permeat the air in the house. At the end,
Hui Lian can see a hall with lamp light which lighten a corner of
the living room. The old maid talks to her without facing her as she
keep walking to the hall," Miss, I am going to make a cup of tea for
you, could you please have a seat in the hall." Then, the old maid
turns to another aisle which leads to kitchen. Hui Lian just takes
a seat in the hall while waiting for the old lady. After a while,
Hui Lian can see a dark object which appear from the far, and slowly
move closer to her. In an istant, Hui Lian can see the dark object
move closer to her and she can see what it is......Without hesistation,
Hui Lian run out from the house, with all her mind.....
As she saw a monster with sharp teeth with rolling eyes come toward her in the hall
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