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Come Home

It was a bright and beautiful day. Jon was packing the car up, while Karen was writing in her diary. “Honey lets go, we’re going to miss are flight.” “Coming dear” Karen closed her diary and placed it on the bed. Karen gets in the car and Jon speeds out of the driveway and heads towards the airport. “I’m so excited for our trip” Karen said as she is looking at a Boucher. “7 days of relaxation and do I need it.” About an hour into the drive overcast clouds form and than it starts to rain very hard. “Jon you should slow down, you can barley see the road.” Karen said with a worry tone in her voice. Jon slows the car down and tries to focus hard onto the road. It was a dead silence in the car as Jon tries to drive their car through the rough rain. Just up the road coming towards them was a semi trunk. The driver of the trunk seemed to be careless as he eats his food while he is driving. Up ahead there was a traffic light that was turning red. The Truck driver looks up and sees the yellow light and quickly slams on his breaks and with the rain on the road causing the truck to slip and slide from side to side. The couple still driving up the road eventually sees the truck coming and Jon quickly slams on the break causing there car to slip and slide as well. The truck than topples over and is sliding towards the couple’s car. The couple’s car starts to spin around and eventually the car stops spinning and Karen’s side is facing towards the truck. The car and the truck slam into each other and there is massive damage. Jon crawls out of the wrecked car and checks on his wife. He looks over and sees Karen lying on the ground lifeless. Jon stares at her in shock and begins to cry.

6 months have past since the accident and Jon is finishing packing up his things. “Are you sure you want to leave?” said Tom. Tom his best friend since he was 12 years old, who was also his best man at his wedding, was always there for him when he needed him. “I just need to clear my mind. The farther I get away from this place the better.” Jon grabs his last boxes and throws it into his trunk. “Where will you go?” Tom said with a concerned voice. “Miles away from here” “Well if you need anything give me a call buddy” Jon goes into his house to make sure he didn’t forget anything, he sees his wife’s diary on the ground he picks it up and places it on the ground where there bed use to be. Jon then locks the door to the house jumps into his car and drives off.

After driving for hours and seeing no sight of any civilization he finally reaches his destination. The town is a very small, it is surrounded by trees. It almost seems as if there are no residences at all. He drives to his new house and walks up to the door. He puts the key in and opens the door. The door makes a creek noise as it opens and Jon walks in. It’s a pretty small house it has no upstairs, and a small basement. Later that day Jon is unpacking his stuff when there is a knock at his door. He stands up, walks over to the door, and opens it to reveal a young women standing there with a smile on her face, her name is Amber. “Hi, I’m your new neighbor; I have come to welcome you to the neighborhood.” “Won’t you come in” replied Jon. Amber and Jon both walk into the kitchen, “would you like anything?” “Water would be nice” answered Amber. Jon filled up a cup and gave it to Amber. “What brings you to the neighborhood?” there was a short pause before Jon answered “Just wanted to start over, I guess.” Amber finished her drink and placed the cup on the table. She stood up and was walking towards the door when she stopped and said “They have told you about the stories of this house, right?” Jon looked at Amber all confused. The both went back to the kitchen and Amber started to tale the tale. “A long time ago, a man once lived here. He came to this town too escaping from something. He lived in this house as well, alone. One night he heard voices, they said they we’re warning him of something. Jon was staring at her as if he seen a ghost. “Than one day he was gone. Some say he followed the voices, and yet other say something got him.” Amber started to laugh and Jon joined her. After Amber left, Jon finished unpacking his stuff.

Later that night, Jon started to head to his bedroom. When suddenly he heard a noise in the distance, the noise was a quite noise as if it was coming from outside. Jon quickly ran to his front door and opens it. The voices are still a little hazy they seem like they are coming from the woods. Jon steps outside and heads towards the woods. “Hello is anyone there?” the voices stop and Jon starts to head back home when there is a ruffle in the woods. “Who’s there?” Jon shouted. Jon started to walk towards the woods, glaring in as if he could see right though the trees. As he crept closer to the woods, the ruffle in the woods seem to come closer as if something in the woods was moving towards him. Jon was almost at the woods when a sheriff car pulls up. The sheriff’s name was Anthony. “May I ask what you are doing?” the sheriff demanded. “I heard a noise; I just wanted to see what it was.” “Well it’s probably just a wild animal. You should go home.” Jon took one last look towards the woods and went back to his house.

The next day, Jon was enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. Again the whispers started again. Jon quickly ran outside and into the woods. “Hello, can anyone here me?” Jon was standing in the middle of the woods looking for what was making that noise. The whispers went away and Jon cried out once more “Hello is anyone there?” There was silence as Jon walked back towards his house. Just than there was a growling noise and Jon turned around. “Hello” he shouted. It was quite, there wasn’t any sound at all. Jon started to walk back to his house when there was another growling noise. Jon turned around and saw a giant monster standing just a few feet away from him. The monster was big, hairy, wolf like creature, it was standing on two legs and it must have been 7 feet tall. Jon stood there in fright as the monster glared back at him. Jon slowly back up as the monster snarled up. Jon turned and ran towards his house the monster ran right after him. Jon was running through the woods jumping over logs and running through mud, the monster seemed to pick up ground on him. Jon got out of the woods and turned around the monster was gone. Jon ran back to his house and called Anthony. “Anthony, there something in the woods you have to check it out.” “I’ll be right there.” Anthony pulls up to the woods, gets out of his car and walks into the woods. Jon was staring out of the window watching on. Amber was sitting in his kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. “You need to relax Jon.” Jon walked into the kitchen and sat down. “I’m not crazy I know what I saw.” Amber just kept drinking her coffee Jon stood up and said “there more to that story is there?” “What are you talking about” “The story about this house there’s more to it” “it’s just a myth, it’s not real” Jon slammed his hands on the table. “Tell me the story” Amber looked shock and began to tell the rest of the story. “When the men first started to hear the voices, he thought he was going crazy. One day he swore the voices we’re getting louder and he tried to follow them. He was never seen again, no one knows what happened to him.” Jon stared at Amber with a blank star. “There’s more to the story. Weeks later, police found out that the man’s wife was murdered in his home town, and he blamed him self. He moved here to try and forget but the voices that he heard we’re leading him to face his fears.” There was a knock on the door, it was Anthony. “I didn’t see anything in the woods; you must of being seeing things.” Jon nodded and closed the door.

Later that night Jon heard the voices again. Jon leaped out of bed and grabbed a flashlight and a shovel. He also stuck a small knife from the kitchen in his pocket. Jon walked into the woods again, holding the shovel on his should like a baseball bat. Jon was walking towards the voices they seem to come in more clear the deeper he got into the woods. Jon was breathing very hard he was nervous as he quietly walked though the woods hoping to not run into that monster again. He reached a point we’re the voices are starting to make words now. “Come Home” they we’re saying Jon was listening as he was trying to hear more. The voices started to fade, the snap of a branch was heard and Jon quickly turned around. The monster was back Jon took his shovel and took a swing at the monster. The Shovel did nothing and he dropped it and ran towards back his house with the monster right beside him. He got out of the woods and jumped into his car. The monster leaped out of the woods and on top of Jon’s car. Jon started the car and backed out of the driveway, and took off with the monster on top of his car. Jon was driving at excessive speeds the monster was ripping though the ceiling trying to get to Jon. Jon took a sharp turn and the monster fell of the car and Jon speed off in the opposite direction back to his old house. All the way there all Jon could do was think about the voices, and what they meant.

Jon arrives at his old house to see that no one has bought it. Jon walks in and sees nothing out of the ordinary. Jon quickly runs upstairs to his old bedroom. The only thing left in here was his wife’s diary. Jon went over to the diary and started to read it. Every page was a new day she had something written in there from here childhood all the way up to the day of the accident. Jon was about to close the book when he saw writing on the next page. It was dated 1 week after the accident. But it can’t be possible, his wife died in the accident. Jon started to read it and it said, “One week ago, my husband and I got into a horrible accident. I got out of it with minimal damage, but my husband was so traumatized that he slipped into a comma and he is now resting at deacon hospital. Jon had a stunned look in his face as he flipped the next page which was dated two weeks after. “The doctors said that Jon has suffered such damage that he may never awake and the best thing to do is to pull the plug. This Saturday is the day I’m going to tell them to pull the plug.” Jon closed the book and put his hands over his eyes. Jon didn’t know what to think, he was trapped inside his own body facing death. Jon was sitting on his knees trying to figure out what to do. When he heard growling, it was the monster. Jon turned around and faced the monster. The monster snarled up and leaped at Jon, Jon stood there waiting for it. He pulled out the knife he had in his pocket and stabbed it right in its left eye. The monster fell down and Jon pulled out the knife and stabbed it over and over and over again. Jon than woke up and Jumped out of the hospital bed. The doctor was standing there just moments away from pulling the plug. Karen ran over to Jon and hugged him as she said “Welcome home!”
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