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I Threw Them Away

Since you've been gone, I've been so sad
The silence within these four walls is driving me mad
No smell of burnt toast or overcooked eggs in the air
Don't have to unclog the shower drain from your hair
The blues reappeared when you left that day
A year ago I threw them away
Now it's been a month and not a word from you
I am feeling better,I am now with your best friend Sue
Never come back this way, we are cruisin' fine
We have an understanding, I am not hers and she is not mine
The blues have been evicted, they can no longer stay
Once again, I threw them away
What are you doing at my door with that smile
You gave me a look with tears, like that of a lost child
You are no longer needed here, get away from me
Your love no longer has a way of blinding me
I see you have your suitcase full of blues for me to play
Neither them or you are invited to stay
The neighbors call the police and report a domestic dispute
The cops come and give me the boot
I must go cool off at a friend's house for the night
My house is cleaned out when I return in the daylight
I lost in a game I was forced to play
The blues seem to never quite go away
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