Dear God Help Us Not See In Color | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: lyric - Other Type Song Bookmark and Share

Dear God Help Us Not See In Color

The world today has so much hatred
No virtues, nothing is held sacred
Everyone lives next to strangers, the never get to know
In apartments condos above or below
All of us bleed red, you are all my sisters and brothers
Dear God help us not see in color
When we see cultures, a lot of times
We tend to think only the bad in our minds
We can learn a lot from our children to accept people for who they are
Our racial tensions should be put away in a shatterproof jar
Predjudices should be buried in the ground, just like our ancestors next to one another
We have got to stop seeing each other in color
Never mind the stranger on the bus sitting next to you
If that person suddenly collapsed, what would you do
If you take the time to say hello, get to know him or her
Life should not be lived in a cold uncaring blur
Love for our fellow humans should not be kept under cover
Let's all strip away the color
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