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Intelligent Design

You claim to be on top of everything, if someone has done it, you have done it better
When it was cold, you said you knitted the entire workforce sweaters
You sweep most people under the rug
You are memeber of the Menza's exclusive club
You tell Miss Betty why she was left behind
Only the best were selected, part of the intelligent design
You tell me I am dumb as a man can come
But according to you I am not the only one
You always have to make people feel insecure
Then you wonder why when you approach they all steer clear
I am wondering all the bridges you burn, is it worth the cost
You live by the saying a rolling stone gathers no moss
You try to be perfect as Miss 5-2-9
You and your family are the foundation of intelligent design
You always feel the need to shine
You tell everyone you are the top of the line
You are the main attraction at the show
You can always tell eveyone what they don't know
If I conquered a hill, there are ten mountains you have climbed
You will always claim it's intelligent design
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