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Z Lovely 39

She comes in just before 6:30
Donald's ride will never be early
Their relationship is not kept under cover
She calls him her big brother
Now they both drive a 300, Donald says his is better
There is nothing like the smell of leather
Zena keeps hers cleaner, it holds more shine
She has a nickname I gave her, Z Lovely 39
She starts to freeze when the temperature dips below 79
Her heater is on full blast most of the time
Palmetto bugs, spiders and snakes
Zena will run a mile a minute to escape
Donald said he is thinking about moving his desk out in the warehouse to keep from walking back and forth
5-2-9 suggests Donald buy some Dr. Scholl's cushioned insoles to prvent his dogs from getting sore
Zena just got her new clothing catalog from 1-800-SO-FINE
It was addressed to her exclusively, Z Lovely 39
Another day starts with my desk neighbor, new adventures will arise
Donald will spend most of his day by her desk, comes as no surprise
He has romantic visions tumbling like a dryer in his mind
He will always big brother to Z Lovely 39
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