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Hobo war (chapter 1)

The seven Hobintrashs run along the pavement, each with a weapon in their hands. Three of them were holding an old baseball bat and a trashcan lid as a shield. The other four have long wooden stick use as a spear. The sky was sunny as daylight broke through the clouds but not for the Hobintrashs because they know, soon they’ll be facing the most vicious battle of their lives. As the seven hobintrashs turn around the corner, they were badly ambush. The Ratty came out of the building and worse of all; the hobintrashs were badly out numbered. Then all of a sudden the fighting begins as the first strike came from a Ratty punching a Hobintrash in the face but luckily the Hobintrash raise his trashcan lid shield just in time. Several strikes came from the Ratty as more and more ratty came out and surround the group of Hobintrashs. Then the first death blow was made when one of the Hobintrash was hit in the face and it whacked across the concrete ground. The Hobintrash knows they can’t win but they kept fighting. They fought and fought for many painful hours but in the end one Hobintrash escape while the rest died.
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