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Keep My Soda Cold

I notice more drinks are being sold warm these days
If I took a sip of one, I would puke, so keep them away
I don't want alcohol, just a soothing drink
Nothing exotic, with onion or garlic, that would make my breath stink
I really don't care who serves it, a host or hostess, mellow or bold
One request, please, just keep my soda cold
Women or men, young or old, I have all kinds of fans
What are you into, I got it all here at your demand
Groupies, singles, the marrying type
Internet, cable, the concerts, it's all part of the hype
I have women that want to have my child, so I'm told
I don't want anything, but my soda cold
Everyone has a vice that drives them on
I just to drink my cold soda from dusk til dawn
All the hopefuls can just step aside
I don't dream of women or the perfect life
With my money, people can be bought or sold
I ask nothing from you as long as you keep my soda cold
Women can showboat with all their might
Ladies, don't even ask me if you can spend the night
The right woman will really have to break the mold
I am very demanding from people, especially when it comes to keeping my soda cold
It's time to throw a tantrum for not getting my way
So I walk out, this ruins my agent's day
Stop picking your nose, you will not find any gold
Everyone must know, I just want my soda cold
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