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Awesome Foursome

The awesome foursome are the famous radio show on in the morning from 6 to 10
They are the three roosters and the mother hen
There is Bob who is full of lust
An insatiable appetite for beer and busts
Then there's Tom, who is never short for words
Or cell phones, I just heard he bought his 33rd
And now the female of the bunch
Who would choose flaxseed oil over a Nestle's Crunch
Here's the part we have all been waiting for
And then there's Chick, did you ever fix your attic floor?
They are all so great, I love the non- stop troop support
Without them a lot of today's top comedians will still be sweeping floors
Thanks to you all and all that you do
Bob, Tom, Kristy Lee and Chick even you

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