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Ho of the Year

I worked hard to achieve my goal
I moved to the south to avoid the snow
I've been keeping track on my graph
I look at my competition and start to laugh
My closest competition lives five miles from here
Now it's my turn to be ho of the year
My pimp is always bragging to the pimps union
He says he's never seen such a young ho whose career is already bloomin'
Tomorrow is my day off, but I want the overtime
Heck, as a ho I still haven't reached my prime
I will now have ten vacation days to use whan I want
To get where I am, you have to flirt and flaunt
The final results are still unclear
I'm dying to know if I am the ho of the year
My pimp tells me there is a new ho in town
She wears one of those stupid little hooker purses, I let her know it's too late for her this time around
My pimp says he will put her under my care
I tell him she's my competition, and give him a glare
He smacks me with an open hand across the face
He tells me, that was to put you in your place
He says don't ever forget I am in charge, I want that clear
A crowd comes out, he hugs me and says cogratulations you were chosen as ho of the year
I am awarded a trophy, flowers and a golden crown
I am given the night off a limo to take me to the luxury hotel downtown
They have reserved me the presidential suite
It will feel good to be off my feet
I tell the driver I want to stop for some beer
I will get drunk and celebrate a lifetime achievement as ho of the year
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