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Get all your fashion tips here
My fashion is in a higher gear
Your fashoin nightmares are over if you keep this in mind
Just call the Queen of fashion at 1-800-SO-FINE
The phone is already ringing off the hook
To be honest , I will listen, but I would rather take a look
Let me answer the fisrt call of the show
Why it's Bev Sanders from Ohio
Yes, Queen I have a question concerning pink shoes
Pink goes with any color, so you have nothing to lose
Did that help your stress
Yes, your advice was priceless
Next caller, what's your dilemma?
That is a first, I never have spoken to a female named Emma
Yes Queen, where are the sales this week
I can't help you there, because I want to keep looking chic
Well I have to go, my stores are waiting
Tomorrow I will tell which stores I shopped at and which one got the highest rating
So tune in tomorrow with the Queen where fashion is my passion with the best personality
Women don't dress bettter than me
That's why you call, so I can keep you in line
So put my number on your speed dial, 1-800-SO-FINE
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