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Life Insurance

The countdown has begun
Tomorrow night at the setting of the sun
The government has me being punished for something I didn't do
I pray the same thing doesn't happen to you
I've insisted you have the wrong man
I have life insurance money of 200 grand
I told her to divorce me and move on
I will be six feet under in two more dawns
I requested lethal injection, but they are giving me the chair
I have always had trouble, but this is my worst to compare
Tomorrow at this time they will announce dead man walking
Between the governor and my lawyer, I hope there is some talking
During a time like this, I wonder where is our maker
I must be prepared to see the undertaker
I have requested my last meal
Some chops and ribs fresh from a grill
Now I must say good bye, it's my time to go
The preacher tells me may the Lord have mercy on your soul
I have always had a fear for the unknown
As the minutes pass by, it has grown
I will now say my final prayer
At the pearl gates, hopefully my soul will arrive there
As my wife enjoys the insurance money
Life sometimes isn't so funny
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