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Trailer Romance

We're getting married and you say you wanna wear white
I tell you, your chance of doing so ended last night
I punch in the arm and say now you can wear black and blue
You kick me between the legs and say now you're hurting too
I laugh and stand back up in a fighter's stance
You say in a sexy voice, ain't nothin' like trailer romance
Three hours before the ceremony, we each pop open a 24 oz Bull
Then we puke in stereo as our ceremony comes to a close
With beer cans clanging behind our Pacer
I tell you I am with the FBI and they have attached a tracer
People laugh as we request a spoylight square dance
She says it will be alright, our honeymoon will have a lot of trailer romance
One of weddfing gifts is a gift card from Big Lots
Now we can by a dish set, flatware and a couple of pots
Kissin' cousins, now we are two
My wife just had our first son, we named him Big Blue
Next one she bears, girl or boy will be called Bubba, what a great name
Marrying your kin folk should hold no shame
Find out how good life can be
When your cousin is your wife to be
Go ahead, roll the dice, take a chance
Now I am a firm supporter of trailer romance
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