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In The Spotlight

After my years of struggle, playing small time gigs
Right place, right time, I hit it big
No longer will I face the rejections
I now have an accountant doing my finanacial projections
I make money, number one on the charts
Love them, leave them, breaking the groupies hearts
I have my praternity insurance through L of L
It keeps me from any shotgun wedding bells
Now my future looks so bright
It is my destiny to be in the spotlight
I am called a marketable commodity
Not a one hit wonder as you will see
Just got a call from my agent, now I'm back on the road
Never want to lose that hunger, always go for the gold
My next big hit will be better than the last
Orange juice and uppers keep me moving fast
In between shows, I sleep during the day and party all night
There is so much pressure to remain in the spotlight
There is no other career that can compare
The amps booming and the smell of weed in the air
To this way of life I have become a slave
The doctor tells me if I don't slow down expect an early grave
I am living my dream being a part of the lifestyles of the rich and shameless
Gotta stay on top, who has time to take a rest
If you can't be famous, be infamous, I believe that's right
After a taste of it, you're addicted, you would sell your soul to stay in the spotlight
I salute Mick, David and Axel and all those other die hard road performance junkies
I went from a nobody to a star, but was never anyone's flunky
I want to be like Hall and Oats, a non-stop hit machine
I can't stop, I can't rest, there is no in between
With the access to all the drugs, booze and women, it happens one night
Eventually we all fall out of the spotlight
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