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Owning My Own Sweatshop

We open at 5 and close at sunset
I expect a lot of production, I provide water and towels for sweat
A complimentary lunch that comes in a can
There is a choice of ham or turkey made from SPAM
They love the conditions, so they don't want to stop
I have many benefits owning my own sweatshop
I have people making jeans and shoes
My business, by the Department of Labor has been approved
One girl is pregnant, but not by me
Her parents put the blame on Cathy Lee
Now another 16 hour shift has ended
Immigration came through, my business license has been suspended
They say I am the cause of tax evasion
Oh well, I have enough money, time for a vacation
I ask Cathy lee to meet me at the New Haven Truck Stop
I need expert advice on how to run a sweatshop
She has given me the advice I need
She said don't use cotton, save money by switching to tweed
She also said lower their wages
For defiant workers, provide empty cages
It all comes down to making your business the cream of the crop
I got advice from the expert on how to run my own sweatshop
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