Box of Letters | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Other Type Song Bookmark and Share

Box of Letters

My tears are falling as you get on the bus
I am lost for words what happened between the two of us
We both lived a fairy tale about two fools in love
Anger spilled, accusations fly when push comes to shove
I got home took time to relax and pull myself together
I started to clean up and found the box of letters
These letters were us when we first met
When things get rough, the bad you see, the good you forget
There is no turning back time
But moving on without you seems like a crime
You said you would call when you get there
With me I thought you were already somewhere
You will forever be that sparkle in my eyes
We both cheatd ourselves from love, life's greatet prize
The storm in my heart will pass and I soon will have fair weather
But it will return each time I go through the box of letters
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