The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Poorer | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - R&B Bookmark and Share

The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Poorer

They know all the loop holes for the IRS
Elaborate parties, tuxedoes and women in their 5,000 dollar dresses
A cardboard box, another statistic for the homeless
A corporate exec did a downsize today
The car repossessed, the house taken away
Sometimes reality is a person's real life movie of horror
The rich get richer, the poor get poorer
Some have never known to go to sleep without a meal
Our goverment turns a blind eye does not want to see what's real
America's rich worried about the homeless overseas
The poor get spitted in their faces by those wealthy celebrities
A billionaire wouldn't even foot the taxes for the cars she gave away
Never forget where you came from, you may have to return there someday
All the rich have a gold key to to the IRS's back door
The rich get richer the poor get poorer
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