Hammer to the Nail | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - R&B Bookmark and Share

Hammer to the Nail

You of all people pass judgment on me
Look through my eyes and see what I see
Start picking up what I'm putting down
Brush yourself off, plant your feet back on the ground
As long as you keep trying and don't quit, you can never fail
It's a simple rule it's the Hammer To The Nail
Don't always follow like a bunch of lost sheep
You can dig yourself out, no matter how deep
Be a front runner, pave the way
Keep your dreams intact, don't let them go astray
If you fall off the beaten path, just blaze a new trail
It's a simple rule, it's the Hammer To The Nail
Greet each day with a warming embrace
Neve believe the old cliche, right time, right place
You have the strongest influence on your own destiny
You have to work at it, nothing great comes easy
Be tougher than life, sometimes it puts you through hell
It's a simple rule, it's the Hammer To The Nail
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