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Out Of Mind

I am so run down
My feet are draggin' on the ground
I have no rhythm, no rhyme
You took my heart, but left me behind
Now that you are gone, I am lost
Never knew how much that would cost
You held me close all these years
You let me drown in my own tears
No life jacket, you didn't even throw me a line
Now I wander aimlessly, out of mind
It's been three years since I last saw you
Your whereabouts unknown, you left no clues
My heart has hardened, my feelings are numb
I look in the mirror, at this stone wall I have become
Don't eve come back, never show your face
I have the freedom, I have my own space
I think about what could have been in due time
But then again, as the saying goes, out of sight out of mind
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