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Lazy Hound Dog Blues

The alarm goes off, I open my eyes to face the day
I roll back over to sleep it away
The wife begins to preach to me
No work, unemployed, I am free
I go to the unemployment office and talk to the man
He looks at my state and says he will do what he can
The man asks me which of the three jobs I choose
I don't want a job, I guess I've got those Lazy Hound Dog Blues
I go outside, sit at the bench and wait for the bus
I've got nowhere to be, I ain't in no rush
It's getting to be late in the afternoon
Getting hungry and will be home soon
My wife left me a note saying were through
At the moment I don't care, it's the curse of the lazy hound dog blues
I tell myself tomorrow I will look for a job
Gotta clean myself up, no one will hire a slob
The alarm goes off I hit the snooze
Not today, I am nagged by those lazy hound dog blues
My wife calls, says she wants to work things out
I try to explain, she begins to shout
She won't listen what's the use
I tell there is a cure for the flu
But how do you shake the lazy hound dog blues
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