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In Debt Blues

My cheap wine is the only thing I buy
I'm so broke I can't afford to cry
I'm so deep in debt, such a long way to get out
The in debt blues is what I'm singing about
I work for the man, I'm as poor as can be
I have no chair, no couch or tv
You can never win, if you always lose
I've got them bad, the in debt blues
Debt relief says give them a call
I'm so stressed I light my last Pall Mall
I need help, so many bills, I'm so confused
Someone please help me get rid of those in debt blues
Cabinets are empty, not a crumb in the house
Slim pickens for all, including a mouse
Cabbage water to drink, cabbage to eat
I can't recall the last time I tasted meat
No socks and worn out shoes
I just can't seem to walk away from those in debt blues
Bill collectors calling me each and every day
You have to face up to your issues, can't just run away
now I'm reaching out, hope it's not too late
I pray I haven't sealed my own fate
I ask what is a broke and poorly educated man to do
Let me cleanse myself and wash away these in debt blues
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