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Your Restaurant Gave Me Diarrhea

I ate dinner last night and felt fine
It was leftovers at 9
The next day I decided to go out to eat
I get a rumble in my stomach and begin to feel the heat
What did i do wrong, ate out tonight
Now I feel like a crazy bird in flight
I feel the pressure as I am stuck in a traffic jam in my Kia
Now I know your restaurant gave me diarrhea
I make it to the toilet, I sit in the stall
Plenty available at the Southern Hills Mall
Too much salt, piss and vinegar
I begin to feel dizzy, my sight begins to blur
I am not in the jungle and I am not Sheena
But facts are facts, your restaurant gave me diarrhea
My business is finished, I wipe and leave
I have a runny nose and blow it on my sleeve
As I depart the john I leave behind a green smog
The overall experience was too much for the toilet, it clogged
Good thing there is employees at six dollars an hour
I get home and take a shower
Too busy to talk, so I will see ya
Won't be another customer there, that restaurant gave me diarrhea
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