Your Breath Makes Me Gag | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Hip Hop Bookmark and Share

Your Breath Makes Me Gag

see a green, slimy smog coming from your mouth
It smells so bad, it should have come from down south
You smile like it's no big deal
If bad breath was a move in wrestling, you could go for the kill
I give up, so I will wave the white flag
Don't breathe my way, your breath makes me gag
I will stay upwind to avoid the wave of the breath attack
Do you eat fresh onion and garlice as a snack?
Febreeze won't help neutralize you
We can solve this with a mouth full of Gorrilla Glue
If that don't work you be outside the bio dome
Get the hint? Your parents don't even invite you home
There is no me and you as friends
Your breath is like time, it never ends
The female deer would not breed with you if you were a stag
Move on, move out, your breath makes me gag
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