You Left a Dirt Ring | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - R&B Bookmark and Share

You Left a Dirt Ring

You lost your home, you can stay with me
It depends on your mood, sometimes you're a she and sometimes a he
Don't leave your unmentionables lying around
My sense of smell is like that of a Bloodhound
I must address this one thing
I noticed in my bath tub you left a dirt ring
Judging by the odor, I believe a dumpster was your last home
Here, take one of mine, it's obvious you don't own a comb
I will have to shorten your stay due to the smell
You say you bathe once every 10 days, I can surely tell
I thought when you finally bathed, there would be birds that sing
It all went south, when you left that filthy bath tub ring
Get out and don't come back, the odor is too much
You are not the one I would not call in the clutch
You are the definition of what trailer trash is
I gave you blunt hints, this is no quiz
You have nothing I want, there is no bling bling
The tub now has to be replaced, I can't remove the dirt ring
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