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Trailer Trash Lane

I traveled around America and found
Until now, never did experience the sight and sound
A skank walks through like the queen of the village
Men in their wifebeaters want to plunder and pillage
Now I am searching for that girl they call Candy Kane
She resides at # 12 on trailer trash lane
I can't find her, so I move on
These people have no money, but manage to party from dusk til dawn
A guy approaches me and asks me to meet his sister and wife
There is only one girl standing there, man, what a hosed up life
His name is Cleetus, she is called Rose
He's wearing a wifebeater, she wearing hooker clothes
I am so confused, so I ask him to explain
He says no problem, this is our world at trailer trash lane
I start to leave, he insists one more drink
Rose asks me to dance, whew! does she ever stink
I begin to gag, almost losing my lunch
Her breath smells like alcahol, cigarettes and Cap'n Crunch
So what, I begin to love it here, do you think I'm insane?
I need to find my sister and wife at trailer trash lane
I finally find who I think is Miss Right
Her maiden name is Theresa McNight
The name alone tells me that she fits in perfectly here
She uses Suave to wash her clothes, not all Tempa Cheer
I sit on the sofa with bricks for legs, on the next cushion over lies a mysterious stain
Theresa opens her mouth, she is toothless, and tells me there is a wedding chapel here at trailer trash lane
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