Pimpin' Out My Hoes | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Hip Hop Bookmark and Share

Pimpin' Out My Hoes

I collect the money each and every night
Occasionally check with the Johns to ensure the service was alright
A smack or punch in the face keeps them in line
I keep a short leash on them, they might as well be blind
Judy, Jennife, Rachel, Courtney, I don't care
Each night they give me my 90% share
Don't make me use my pimp rod
Put a few bruises and cuts on your bod
The guys get the lovin' by paying the dough
It's my career, to get rich by pimping out my hoes
I will shoot a John who doesn't want to pay
I manage the hoes and finances day to day
I just got a new one, for a while I will keep her close
Business is booming for me pimping out my hoes
One wants to leave, the only way out is the grave
My pimp rod makes it clear that I am the master and the hoes are the slaves
I can't allow the hoes to sit around and have my secrets to success disclosed
It is classified material when I am pimping out my hoes
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